Saturday, September 10, 2022

#1449. Dixon, Tudor

Trump endorsed conservative TV commentator Tudor Dixon in her campaign for Governor of Michigan.   She'll face off against Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI). 

But a significant number of hardcore MAGA Michigan, Republican dumbshits have made it very clear that they will not be voting for Tooter.  They think she's a RINO and a puppet for multi-billionaire donor Betsy DuVos.  DuVos is the former Trump administration Secretary of Education who resigned the day after the failed insurrection.  Imagine the audacity of not standing united with the Orange Prolapse immediately following his failed coup.  What an effronterous cunt!

Real Clear Politics poll, Detroit News WDIV-TV, September 7, 2022

Whitmer 48, Dixon 35: Whitmer +13

Dedicated to the biggest Ween fan I know... Philjack.



Dixon Tudor

Mother - bring the pain you fucker
Why are you a cock sucker
Loves Donald Trump I assume
(Dixon, Tudor)

Funny - it’s all about the money
She ain’t no Playboy bunny
Great Lakes attitude

Maybe - Trump’s a baby
He’s so lazy
What have you got to lose


Touch My Tooter

Buddy - why's my brain so muddy
Why do I feel like putty
When she walks into the room
(touch my tooter)

Sonny - it ain't all milk and honey
And I don't think it's funny
When she starts to groove

Baby - ain't it lazy
Ain't it crazy
When u think it's all smooth



This song is relatively abysmal.  And in the interest of full disclosure, my parody is even worse.

From 1994 to 2018, Ween has played the Burgh a grand total of 11 times.   Never seen... Ween.

The Big Lie 100: (#624)

#1417.  Crudite Mode (Holiday Road --- Lindsey Buckingham)

#1418.  Wants Crudite (So Far Away --- Dire Straits)

#1419.  The Crudite (Not Fade Away --- Grateful Dead)

#1420.  Crudite Din (Holiday Inn --- Elton John)
#1421.  Tiffany Smiley (Baba O'Riley --- Grateful Dead)

#1422.  Markwayne (Cocaine --- Eric Clapton)
#1423.  Coco Elaine (Hello Again --- The Cars)
#1424.  Ill Campaigns (Still Remains --- Stone Temple Pilots)
#1425.  Crudite (Yesterday --- Paul McCartney)
#1426.  Roe Roe Roe Your Vote (Row Row Row Your Vote --- Ella Fitzgerald)
#1427.  Tate Reeves (Governor Blows) --- (Believe (Nobody Knows) --- My Morning Jacket)
#1428.  Eatin' Crudite (Surfin' U.S.A. --- Beach Boys)
#1429.  Mrs. Smiley (Mr. Smiley --- Poison)
#1430.  Mitch McConnell (Old MacDonald --- Unknown)
#1431.  Master Is Special (Master Of Puppets --- Metallica) 

#1432.  Crudite (Holiday --- Bee Gees)
#1433.  Fucked Up Ass Blake Masters (Fabulous Disaster --- Exodus)
#1434.  Mrs. Smiley (Mr. Crowley --- Ozzy Osbourne)
#1435.  Talk To Mark Meadows (Walk In The Shadows --- Queensryche)
#1436. Chris Kice (The Price -- Twisted Sister)

#1437.  Crudite (Stay Away --- Nirvana)

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#1440.  The Crudite's Bad (The Crudite) Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) --- Motley Crue))

#1441.  Crudite (Say Say Say --- Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson)

#1442.  That Donald Trump Is... (All In The Name Of... Motley Crue)

#1443.  Comer Isn't Very Smart (Owner Of A Lonely Heart --- Yes)

#1444.  Mehmet Oz (Just Because --- Jane's Addiction)

#1445.  A Piece Of Shit From The Start (Total Eclipse Of The Heart --- Bonnie Tyler)

#1446.  J.D. (Lady --- Styx)

#1447.  J.D. Vance (My Romance --- Carly Simon)

#1448.  Donald Trump's Hair (Ya Mo B There --- Michael McDonald)

#1449.  Dixon, Tudor (Touch My Tooter --- Ween)


Please do not share this material with Tudor Dixon and/or Former President Donald J. Trump.

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