Tuesday, April 04, 2023

#1793. James Comer

Oversight Committee leader James Comer (R-KY) on board Air Force One.  Naturally, this was taken before the GOP took control of the House in 2022.

Regrettably, the pilot had to stage an emergency landing after his retina was burnt by the shimmering sheen of Trump's head.

Couldn't help but notice a sign this morning near the BP at the intersection of Evergreen and Ivory.


Formerly a sign for Manhattan Transfer at the Palace Theater in Greensburg.

Hey, gimme a Manhattan Special instead of Coke.  

In celebration of 4-4-23 and the arraignment of the Orange Prolapse.



James Comer

Coup d’etat spells danger
Ivanka is a MILF sucking cocks
Donald Trump is no stranger
Stormy Daniels drank his cum on the rocks
Jesus Christ in a manger
The scene insanity ballot box

Orange Prolapse can’t win
Trump is a has been
All the lies, hope he dies
James R. Comer

All of his followers will pray
But that clown is a full blown retard
He’s gonna groove
And show off in a show that’s bizarre
With the seven deadly sins that he’s sown
A show that’s bizarre

Orange Prolapse can’t win
Trump is a has been
All the lies, hope he dies
James R. Comer

Now Ivanka is a Jew
And Kushner is too doncha know
Trump’s election not conceded
More votes needed it’s all a shit show
Dumb display soul’s bereft
As if we didn’t all know

Orange Prolapse can’t win
Trump is a has been
All the lies, hope he dies
James R. Comer


The Loner
Neil Young

He's a perfect stranger
Like a cross of himself and a fox
He's a feeling arranger
And a changer of the ways he talks
He's the unforeseen danger
The keeper of the key to the locks

Know when you see him
Nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide
It's the loner

If you see him in the subway
He'll be down at the end of the car
Watching you move
Until he knows he knows who you are
When you get off at your station alone
He'll know that you are

Know when you see him
Nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide
It's the loner

There was a woman he knew
About a year or so ago
She had something that he needed
And he pleaded with her not to go
On the day that she left
He died but it did not show

Know when you see him
Nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide
It's the loner 

This tune is timeless.  Then again, so is the Grunging Godfather's entire catalog.

Neil Young has played the Burgh 13 times.

Neil Young:

8-21-97 Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA *

9-21-02, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA (Farm Aid)

6-16-03, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA *

11-9-12, Peterson Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA *

9-16-17, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA (Farm Aid)

* - w/ Crazy Horse

The Big Lie 100: (#956)

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#1766.  Congressman Steil's Critical Race (God Put A Smile Upon Your Face --- Coldplay)

#1767.  Steil's A Liar (Trial By Fire --- Testament)

#1768.  Xi's Fucking Trump's Wife (She's Out Of My Life --- Michael Jackson)

#1769.  His Name Is Dave Williams (How I Made My Millions --- Radiohead)

#1770.  Xi Jinping's A Basket Case (Everything In Its Right Place --- Radiohead)

#1771.  Hovde Will Fuck You (Lovely To See You --- Moody Blues)

#1772.  Jim Justice (Seed Justice --- Neil Young)

#1773.  Steil (Smile --- Michael Jackson)

#1774.  Xi Jinping's Dead (Everything Zen --- Bush)

#1775.  Robinson (Machine Gun --- The Commodores)

#1776.  Donald's An Orange Prolapse Fart (Owner Of A Lonely Heart --- Yes)

#1777.  Nashville Isn't Lucky (Nashville to Kentucky --- My Morning Jacket)

#1778.  Tennessee Dead (Tennessee Jed --- Grateful Dead)

#1779.  Tim Burchett's Shitty (Suffragette City --- David Bowie)

#1780.  On Fox News Sean Hannity (The Frayed Ends Of Sanity --- Metallica)

#1781.  What The Fuck (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

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#1784.  Indicted Not Long (United And Strong --- Agnostic Front)

#1785.  Indicted As Planned (United We Stand --- Elton John)

#1786.  Why Do Proud Boys Need More Dildos (Are There Any More Real Cowboys --- Neil Young)

#1787.  Don't Lie For Trump Tacopina (Don't Cry For Me Argentina --- Madonna)

#1788.  Moore's A Shit Show (More Than You Know --- Eddie Vedder)

#1789.  Asshole Of Obscenity (Centre Of Eternity --- Ozzy Osbourne) 

#1790.  Hutchinson (One By One --- Neil Diamond)

#1791.  Treason Of Jim Justice (Seasons In The Abyss --- Slayer)

#1792.  Hutchinson (Number One --- Laid Back)

#1793.  James Comer (The Loner --- Neil Young)

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Please do not share this material with James Comer (R-KY) and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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