Wednesday, April 12, 2023

#1808. Taylor Greene

I think it's safe to say that I will offer a derogatory quip about Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Lately, she seems obsessed about promoting this new term...


Very clever!  In response, may I offer a deluge of Buc-ownership related Trump Dumps.


The Pittsburgh Pirates were essentially obliterated this afternoon by the Houston Astros.  7-0.  

Nice weather though.  Down there yo.  Didn't go.


Taylor Greene

Well Trump is shittin’ doin’ number two, and pissin’ in a toilet bowl,
Marjorie is squirtin’, flirtin’ like a god damn troll

So fucked up and outta line, Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Libtards are her foes, holdin’ an AR-15.

Taylor Greene, she’s an anal machine,
Taylor Greene, she’s the dean of the mean

Why is she so outta line, wish she would just die for me
Shittin’ and sharin’, the fecal obscenity
Marjorie Taylor Greene, her urinating pee
Jesus loving, MAGA conservative meat

So fuckin’ gay that’s a fact and, short and wide cannot be denied,
Got an asshole just for fuckin’, she’ll gape it open wide

[Rod - Slide Solo - Nick - Piano Solo]

She would blow the Orange Prolapse turd, religious turd she’ll pray
Nobody cums for free, evangelical display

So fucked up there is no doubt, always spreading the big lie
Swiftin’ shithead Taylor, perpetuatin’ the big lie

Taylor Greene, she’s an anal machine,
Taylor Greene, give her the anal vaccine, well

Taylor Greene, she’s an anal machine
Taylor Greene, she’s the dean of the mean.
Well, Taylor Greene, she’s an anal machine
Taylor Greene, she’s the dean of the mean.
Fuck you, Taylor Greene!

Yeah we gonna demean
She’s a blond gargoyle
She’s pretty shitty!

Shirley Jean

Well I was sittin' in a smokey room, band playin' rock and roll,
Everybody burnin', yearnin' for some alcohol.

I got up to buy the wine, when I saw Shirley Jean,
Powdering her nose, posin' like a movie queen.

Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen,
Shirley Jean, she's a lovin' machine.

I tried to give her a sign, but she was too high to see,
Sittin' and starin', carin' not a thing for me.
Sweet little Shirley Jean, sure lookin' good to me,
Jet black stockings, rockin' to the bebop beat.

Tell by the way she was actin', musta' had a whole lot to hide,
She's got a whole lotta lovin', all bottled up inside.

[Rod - Slide Solo - Nick - Piano Solo]

I ain't goin to say a word, can't find a word to say,
You ain't gonna get me, let me tell you right away.

I gave up and wandered out, when I saw the reason why,
Hugging little Shirley, a curly headed honey pie.

Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen
Shirley Jean, sweet little lovin' machine, well

Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen,
Shirley Jean, she's a lovin' machine.
Well, Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen,
Shirley Jean, she's a lovin' machine.
Yeah, well, Shirley Jean!

Let me grease your machine!
Let me check your oil.
Sure looks good to me!

Damn!  That song pretty much sucks.  Even by Trumper/MLB standards.

Between 1973 and 2019, Foghat has weathered the Burgh a grand total of 16 times.  

However, the superior question... "Saf, have you ever seen them live in concert?"  Truth be told, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.  And I do not care.

Greene Prolapse 25:

#43.  Smells Like Greene Spirit --- (Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana)

#44.  Greene Trumparooni --- (Green Manalishi - Judas Priest)

#45.  Greene Hell --- (Green Hell - Metallica)

#46.  It's Not Easy Being Greene --- (It's Not Easy Being Green - Kermit The Frog)

#383.  Marjorie Taylor-Greene --- (Mexican Jumping Bean - various artists)

#386.  God Kill The Greene --- (God Save The Queen - Queen)

#605.  Taylor-Greene --- (Vasoline - Stone Temple Pilots)

#608.  Taylor-Greene --- (Dramamine - Modest Mouse)

#610.  This Is Taylor-Greene --- (This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson)

#611.  Taylor-Greene --- (Halloween - John Carpenter)

#614.  Hello It's Taylor Greene --- (Hello It's Halloween - Kids TV)

#620.  Taylor-Greene --- (Tangerine - Led Zeppelin)

#621.  Marjorie Taylor-Greene --- (Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan) 

#625.  Killer Greene --- (Killer Queen - Queen)

#817.  She's Taylor Greene: Flood Of Blood She's A Cunt --- (Caribbean Queen: No More Love On The Run - Billy Ocean)

#818.  Taylor Greene --- (Mr. Clean - Thomas Scott Caden)

#819.  Taylor Greene --- (Dancing Queen - ABBA)

#892.  Shutdown --- (Showdown - E.L.O.)

#952.  Greene Disease --- (Green Disease - Pearl Jam)

#998.  Greene Fearing --- (Green Earrings - Steely Dan)

#1123.  Greene's A Baby (Green Eyed Lady - Metal Church)

#1135.  Greene Prolapse Scam (Green Eggs And Ham - Weird Al Yankovic)

#1595.  Greene Is The Enemy (Teenage Lobotomy --- The Ramones)

#1596.  Greene's A Crusty Fucking Pussy (Teenage Nosferatu Pussy --- Rob Zombie)

#1601.  Marjorie Taylor Greene (Welcome To The Machine --- Pink Floyd)

#1710.  Trump's a Clown Taylor Greene Marjorie (Take Me Down To The Infirmary --- Cracker)

#1720.  Republican Marjorie (Crash Course In Brain Surgery --- Metallica)

#1794.  Taylor Greene (Billie Jean --- Michael Jackson)

#1808.  Taylor Greene (Shirley Green --- Foghat)

The Big Lie 100: (#968)

#1740.  CPAC (Stand Back --- Stevie Nicks)

#1741.  CPAC's Frightnin' (Smokestack Lightnin' --- Grateful Dead)

#1742.  Hatin' Nate Schatzline (Lay It On the Line --- Triumph)

#1743.  Nate Schatzline (Hold The Line --- Toto)

#1744.*  Faking The Violence (Breaking The Silence --- Queensryche)

#1745.  Treason He's A Cunt (Seasons In The Sun --- Terry Jacks)

#1746.  Tucker (Fucker --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)

#1747.  Lake's My Enemy (Cake And Sodomy --- Marilyn Manson)

#1748.  Newt (Cute --- Bobby Darrin)

#1749.  Donald Trump Is Gay (Take My Breath Away --- Berlin)

#1750.  Markwayne Mullin (Cocaine And Gin --- Kid Rock)

#1751.  Stormy's Better (Stormy Weather --- Billie Holiday)

#1752.  Stormy's Wetter (Stormy Weather --- The Pixies)

#1753.  Bell (Hell --- Foo Fighters)

#1754.  Will Will Slap You (We Will Rock You --- Queen)

#1755.  Donald Trump's a Cunt (On The Wings Of Love --- Jeffrey Osbourne)

#1756.  Donald Is A Child (Bad Boys Running Wild --- Scorpions)

#1757.  Donald's A Child (Running Wild --- Judas Priest)

#1758.  McConnell (Raising Hell --- Tom Morello & Ben Harper)

#1759.  ... Jim Justice Asshole (... And Justice For All --- Metallica) 

#1760.  Mike Pence Is Shit (Don't Fence Me In --- Willie Nelson)

#1761.  Blum (Dumb --- Nirvana)

#1762.  Charlie Kirk Sold Out (We Can Work It Out --- The Beatles)

#1763.  Xi Fucks You (She Loves You --- The Beatles)

#1764.  Has Been Chip Roy (Seek And Destroy --- Metallica)

#1765.  Steil (Smile -- Pearl Jam)

#1766.  Congressman Steil's Critical Race (God Put A Smile Upon Your Face --- Coldplay)

#1767.  Steil's A Liar (Trial By Fire --- Testament)

#1768.  Xi's Fucking Trump's Wife (She's Out Of My Life --- Michael Jackson)

#1769.  His Name Is Dave Williams (How I Made My Millions --- Radiohead)

#1770.  Xi Jinping's A Basket Case (Everything In Its Right Place --- Radiohead)

#1771.  Hovde Will Fuck You (Lovely To See You --- Moody Blues)

#1772.  Jim Justice (Seed Justice --- Neil Young)

#1773.  Steil (Smile --- Michael Jackson)

#1774.  Xi Jinping's Dead (Everything Zen --- Bush)

#1775.  Robinson (Machine Gun --- The Commodores)

#1776.  Donald's An Orange Prolapse Fart (Owner Of A Lonely Heart --- Yes)

#1777.  Nashville Isn't Lucky (Nashville to Kentucky --- My Morning Jacket)

#1778.  Tennessee Dead (Tennessee Jed --- Grateful Dead)

#1779.  Tim Burchett's Shitty (Suffragette City --- David Bowie)

#1780.  On Fox News Sean Hannity (The Frayed Ends Of Sanity --- Metallica)

#1781.  What The Fuck (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

#1782.  Indicted (United --- Judas Priest)

#1783.  Indicted Cunt (United Blood --- Agnostic Front)

#1784.  Indicted Not Long (United And Strong --- Agnostic Front)

#1785.  Indicted As Planned (United We Stand --- Elton John)

#1786.  Why Do Proud Boys Need More Dildos (Are There Any More Real Cowboys --- Neil Young)

#1787.  Don't Lie For Trump Tacopina (Don't Cry For Me Argentina --- Madonna)

#1788.  Moore's A Shit Show (More Than You Know --- Eddie Vedder)

#1789.  Asshole Of Obscenity (Centre Of Eternity --- Ozzy Osbourne) 

#1790.  Hutchinson (One By One --- Neil Diamond)

#1791.  Treason Of Jim Justice (Seasons In The Abyss --- Slayer)

#1792.  Hutchinson (Number One --- Laid Back)

#1793.  James Comer (The Loner --- Neil Young)

#1794.  Taylor Greene (Billie Jean --- Michael Jackson)

#1795.  Douglas Burgum (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)

#1796.  Bill Barr (Ya Mar --- Phish)

#1797.  Cotham's Shit-Stained Face (Awesome In This Place --- Tricia Cotham)

#1798.  Katie's Shittin' (Baby Sittin' --- Carole King)

#1799.  Asshole LaPierre (Back Door Love Affair --- ZZ Top)

#1800.  Senator Daines (Breaking The Chains --- Dokken)

#1801.  LaPierre Pride (Delaware Slide --- George Thorogood)

#1802.  Tricia Cotham (Apple Blossom --- White Stripes)

#1803.  Jeff Roe (Death Row --- Chris Stapleton)

#1807.  Trusty's Rage (Rusty Cage --- Soundgarden)

#1808.  Taylor Greene (Shirley Green --- Foghat)


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Please do not share this material with Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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