Saturday, May 15, 2021

#383. Marjorie Taylor Greene

I just watched the psycho stalker video of Marjorie Taylor Greene taunting AOC through the mail slot of her Congressional office.  Sadly demented but entirely predictable.  Someone really needs to tell humanity, particularly those in the 50+ age bracket, that just because you hit a delete button, it doesn't mean the incident never transpired.  Keep in mind, this footage was from back in 2019.  And her condition has obviously continued to deteriorate... especially in light of the resounding defeat of Tropicana Pulp. 

If I was AOC, I'd stick with the current narrative that she's not "mentally well."  I'd also calmly encourage some kind of "mental health intervention" via her husband Perry and their 3 children.  And I'd specifically use their names (Lauren, Taylor and Derek).  Maybe encourage them to step in and try to become the adult in the room.  Or at a bare minimum just tell mom "how much they love her and care about her and want her to get better."  Or kick it up a notch and explain how she's not only a "clear and present" danger to members of Congress, but also, herself and possibly her own family.  Paint her as the poster child for why we need gun background checks in the realm of mental health.  "If you can't be trusted with a twitter account, how can we trust you with an assault weapon?"  When someone replies that her account is currently active, just be like, "Oh yeah, right.  I confused her with the former president.  Sorry, my bad."

The Orange Prolapse towers over the diminutive Georgia Congresswoman.

Ironically amusing how the name "Marjorie Taylor Greene" has the exact same syllable progression of the classic "Mexican Jumping Bean" song.  Considering her bitter contempt for those South of the border, it'd make for ideal background music in a video compilation of Greene's greatest hits.  Echoing Q-Anon, Proud Boys affiliation, false flag school shooting propaganda, gun nut, anti-science mask shit, etc.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (instrumental)

Mexican Jumping Bean (instrumental)
Various Artists

Never been to Mexico.  Perhaps one day.  In the mean time, I'll settle for El Campesino on McKnight.  

Please do not share this information with Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez (D-NY), and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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