Monday, May 03, 2021

#346. Woke Instead

Here's a generic solution to the incessant Fox News lament about how all of the liberal, radical, socialist Democrat are "woke."  I think the best counter is simply to respond with a "why are all these wealthy, out-of-touch, powerful Republicans such whiny, privileged bitches" narrative.  Just fire back with specifics.  Oh my god... Joe Biden's trying to steal your hamburger?  Kamala Harris is giving out copies of her free children's book?  Nancy Pelosi had a facelift? (yeah, that's news to me).

You just acknowledge the specific accusation and chuckle it off.  Mocking someone is always a more powerful form of expression as opposed to a seething vitriolic response.  Then, you segue way into the standard refrains about health care, vaccinations, infrastructure, income disparity, etc.     



Woke Instead

Bordello’s a whorehouse
Anal is corn-holing
It’s the way that I think
Marital aids are the toys

Live streaming I call Zoom
Orange Prolapse is red
I know that I’m woke I’m so woke in… stead

Ooh, a thunder, lightning shout out
At the loco
Oh the Coco

Woke instead (you lie)
Woke instead (unmarried)
Woke instead (you lie)
Woke instead

Wake Up Dead

I sneak in my own house
It's four in the morning
I had too much to drink
Said I was out with the boys

I creep in my bedroom
I slip into bed
I know if I wake her I'll wake up... dead

Ooh, I wonder, will she find out
About the other
Other lover

Wake up dead (you die)
Wake up dead (and buried)
Wake up dead (you die)
Wake up dead


2-14-88, South Hills Theater, Pittsburgh, PA *

4-28-88, Palace Theater, Greensburg, PA 

* - opened with Wake Up Dead.  One of the best metal videos of all time.  Great stampede intro.

Kinda surprised I haven't seen Megadeth on more occasions.  Just hasn't worked out that way.  Truth be told, I think they've really gone downhill since they're 2nd and 3rd releases (Peace Sells & So Far So Good So What).  All of their new music, you know... over the last 3 decades, just seems "total filler/cluster headache" oriented.

Please do not share this information with anyone who excessively uses the term "woke."

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