Saturday, April 22, 2023

#1825. Mike Lindell

An arbitration panel just ordered Mike Lindell to pay out 5 million.

Orange Prolapse on the left : My Pussy Pillow on the right.

Robert Zeidman, a software engineer from Nevada, participated in the "Prove Mike Wrong" challenge and was ultimately victorious.   

I'm thinking about starting my own contest.  But not about the big lie.  Instead, I'm gonna call it "The Large Fry."  It's easy.  At any participating McDonald's, if you securely post an "Orange Prolapse 2024" election sign, I'll buy you a large fry.  

A little faded... but you git the gist.

I'll also send you a free Orange Prolapse 2024 campaign t-shirt.   

(mark 35:40)


Mike Lindell

Donald Trump I am not a fan
Coups are so wild, when they’re planned
Queer ass is very gay, faggot is what they say
Tossed salad’s here to stay Trump is a clown, clown, clown

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell
Oh, Mike Lindell

His summer’s eve he’s a douche bag instead of his wife
Forty-five is lying and keeps on causing so much strife
But Stormy desire, fidelity is not his concern
Jared Kushner’s a Jew, and Ivanka is too I’ve discerned

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell
Oh, Mike Lindell

Trump is an Orange Prolapse fart, shit stained permanently
I’d like to impart, how his dick lacks functionality
Still Trump fucks you, through and through he’ll deliver the hate
Fake news cash cow for America needs to be great

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell

I hate pillows, fuck you
We hate pillows, fuck you (oh, Mike Lindell)
You hate pillows can’t you see (My Pillow’s Mike Lindell)
Geeks hate pillows, fuck you
Freaks hate pillows, fuck you (oh, Mike Lindell)
Gays bite pillows, yes indeed

I hate pillows, fuck you
We hate pillows, fuck you
You hate pillows can’t you see (My Pillow’s Mike Lindell)
Geeks hate pillows, fuck you
Freaks hate pillows, fuck you
Gays bite pillows*, yes indeed (My Pillow’s Mike Lindell)

* (mark:3:25)


Burn In Hell
Twisted Sister

Welcome to the abandoned land
Come on in child, take my hand
Here there's no work or play, only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say as you go down, down, down

You're gonna burn in hell
Oh, burn in hell

You can't believe all the things I've done wrong in my life
Without even trying I've lived on the edge of a knife
Well, I've played with fire, but I don't want to get myself burned
To thine own self be true, so I think that it's time for a turn

Before I burn in hell
Oh, burn in hell

Take a good look in your heart, tell me what do you see
It's black and it's dark, now is that how you want it to be?
It's up to you, what you do will decide your own fate
Make your choice now for tomorrow may be far too late

And then you'll burn in hell

Hear no evil, don't you
See no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Lay no evil down on me (you're gonna burn in hell)
Speak no evil, don't you
Think no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Play with evil, 'cause I'm free

Hear no evil, don't you
See no evil, don't you
Lay no evil down on me (you're gonna burn in hell)
Speak no evil, don't you
Think no evil, don't you
Play with evil, 'cause I'm free (you're gonna burn in hell)

Twisted Sister played the Burgh 3 times back in the mid-80's.  They're one of the few pop metal bands that has eluded me.  

As a teenage rocker, I was watching this incredible Twisted Sister concert in the den.  My mother came in and accused the lead singer of wearing a wig.  "Oh for crying out loud.  Rick, that's a wig!"  Needless to say, I was incensed.  Keep in mind that this is the same woman who told me that all the blood in pro-wrestling was actually ketchup.  I'd fire back, "Then where are the discarded ketchup packets?"

The Big Lie 100: (#985)

#1740.  CPAC (Stand Back --- Stevie Nicks)

#1741.  CPAC's Frightnin' (Smokestack Lightnin' --- Grateful Dead)

#1742.  Hatin' Nate Schatzline (Lay It On the Line --- Triumph)

#1743.  Nate Schatzline (Hold The Line --- Toto)

#1744.*  Faking The Violence (Breaking The Silence --- Queensryche)

#1745.  Treason He's A Cunt (Seasons In The Sun --- Terry Jacks)

#1746.  Tucker (Fucker --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)

#1747.  Lake's My Enemy (Cake And Sodomy --- Marilyn Manson)

#1748.  Newt (Cute --- Bobby Darrin)

#1749.  Donald Trump Is Gay (Take My Breath Away --- Berlin)

#1750.  Markwayne Mullin (Cocaine And Gin --- Kid Rock)

#1751.  Stormy's Better (Stormy Weather --- Billie Holiday)

#1752.  Stormy's Wetter (Stormy Weather --- The Pixies)

#1753.  Bell (Hell --- Foo Fighters)

#1754.  Will Will Slap You (We Will Rock You --- Queen)

#1755.  Donald Trump's a Cunt (On The Wings Of Love --- Jeffrey Osbourne)

#1756.  Donald Is A Child (Bad Boys Running Wild --- Scorpions)

#1757.  Donald's A Child (Running Wild --- Judas Priest)

#1758.  McConnell (Raising Hell --- Tom Morello & Ben Harper)

#1759.  ... Jim Justice Asshole (... And Justice For All --- Metallica) 

#1760.  Mike Pence Is Shit (Don't Fence Me In --- Willie Nelson)

#1761.  Blum (Dumb --- Nirvana)

#1762.  Charlie Kirk Sold Out (We Can Work It Out --- The Beatles)

#1763.  Xi Fucks You (She Loves You --- The Beatles)

#1764.  Has Been Chip Roy (Seek And Destroy --- Metallica)

#1765.  Steil (Smile -- Pearl Jam)

#1766.  Congressman Steil's Critical Race (God Put A Smile Upon Your Face --- Coldplay)

#1767.  Steil's A Liar (Trial By Fire --- Testament)

#1768.  Xi's Fucking Trump's Wife (She's Out Of My Life --- Michael Jackson)

#1769.  His Name Is Dave Williams (How I Made My Millions --- Radiohead)

#1770.  Xi Jinping's A Basket Case (Everything In Its Right Place --- Radiohead)

#1771.  Hovde Will Fuck You (Lovely To See You --- Moody Blues)

#1772.  Jim Justice (Seed Justice --- Neil Young)

#1773.  Steil (Smile --- Michael Jackson)

#1774.  Xi Jinping's Dead (Everything Zen --- Bush)

#1775.  Robinson (Machine Gun --- The Commodores)

#1776.  Donald's An Orange Prolapse Fart (Owner Of A Lonely Heart --- Yes)

#1777.  Nashville Isn't Lucky (Nashville to Kentucky --- My Morning Jacket)

#1778.  Tennessee Dead (Tennessee Jed --- Grateful Dead)

#1779.  Tim Burchett's Shitty (Suffragette City --- David Bowie)

#1780.  On Fox News Sean Hannity (The Frayed Ends Of Sanity --- Metallica)

#1781.  What The Fuck (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

#1782.  Indicted (United --- Judas Priest)

#1783.  Indicted Cunt (United Blood --- Agnostic Front)

#1784.  Indicted Not Long (United And Strong --- Agnostic Front)

#1785.  Indicted As Planned (United We Stand --- Elton John)

#1786.  Why Do Proud Boys Need More Dildos (Are There Any More Real Cowboys --- Neil Young)

#1787.  Don't Lie For Trump Tacopina (Don't Cry For Me Argentina --- Madonna)

#1788.  Moore's A Shit Show (More Than You Know --- Eddie Vedder)

#1789.  Asshole Of Obscenity (Centre Of Eternity --- Ozzy Osbourne) 

#1790.  Hutchinson (One By One --- Neil Diamond)

#1791.  Treason Of Jim Justice (Seasons In The Abyss --- Slayer)

#1792.  Hutchinson (Number One --- Laid Back)

#1793.  James Comer (The Loner --- Neil Young)

#1794.  Taylor Greene (Billie Jean --- Michael Jackson)

#1795.  Douglas Burgum (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)

#1796.  Bill Barr (Ya Mar --- Phish)

#1797.  Cotham's Shit-Stained Face (Awesome In This Place --- Tricia Cotham)

#1798.  Katie's Shittin' (Baby Sittin' --- Carole King)

#1799.  Asshole LaPierre (Back Door Love Affair --- ZZ Top)

#1800.  Senator Daines (Breaking The Chains --- Dokken)

#1801.  LaPierre Pride (Delaware Slide --- George Thorogood)

#1802.  Tricia Cotham (Apple Blossom --- White Stripes)

#1803.  Jeff Roe (Death Row --- Chris Stapleton)

#1807.  Trusty's Rage (Rusty Cage --- Soundgarden)

#1808.  Taylor Greene (Shirley Green --- Foghat)

#1809.  Jeff Roe (Hello --- Lionel Richie)

#1810.  Ohio's Moreno (Avenu Malkenu --- Phish)

#1811.  45 Love Affair ('65 Love Affair --- Paul Davis)

#1812.  Warthog (Hound Dog --- Elvis Presley)

#1813.  Kristi Noem (Kodachrome --- Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel)

#1814.  Warthog (Hot Dog --- Led Zeppelin)

#1815.  Jared Kushner Is A Jew (Only Wanna Be With You --- Hootie & The Blowfish)

#1816.  Kristi Noem (Hell Is Chrome --- Wilco)

#1817.  Taylor Greene (Polly Jean --- Toadies)

#1818.  Jeff Roe (Hello --- Electric Light Orchestra)

#1819.  Christie (Misty --- Johnny Mathis)

#1820.  Swing State (I'm Late --- Bill Thompson)

#1821.  SpaceX (Spaceboy --- Smashing Pumpkins)

#1822.  We Are The Trumpers (We Are The World --- USA For Africa)

#1823.  Twitter Fuck (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC) 

#1824.  Kelly Cunt (Belly Love - The Kooks)

#1825.  Mike Lindell (Burn In Hell --- Twisted Sister)

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Please do not share this material with Mike Lindell and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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