Tuesday, June 25, 2024

#2612. Trump Is Great

A few weeks ago, I actually saw some douchebag wearing one of these t-shirts.


He was tailgating at Acrid Turd Stadium before the Kenny Chesney concert.  Butt his t-shirt was white.  Preferably speaking, I'll take one in a bright orange jumpsuit (L or XL).  Could make for a decent, low-end Halloween costume.

Highmark Stadium periphery.  South Side, baby!

USA!  USA!  Gives me the fervent desire to suck Lee Greenwood's dick.

The "gradual wood chip camouflage illusion."  Stage 3.

Another patriotic dusting.  USA X 2

An old school, dried up shit show. Reminiscent of Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith's vulva.

Spotted on the Ft. Duquesne Bridge overlooking Acrisure Stadium.  Talk about a PR debacle!  Aren't we supposed to be hosting the draft for Christ sake?!?

Your guess is as good as mine.  I'm thinking Purina Chow dog vomit.

"Proud, stately, resolute" --- Trump Dump Magazine.




Trump Is Great

Forty-five you’re gonna suck his taint
Ivanka is the one without restraint
Donald truly stinks accept your fate
Donald Trump is great

Jism is a cream opaque and white
Orange Prolapse will bulge throughout the night
F’in A. a fuckin’ parasite
Donald Trump ain’t white

A coup d’etat crime of a fat clown
Filet ‘O Fish Big Mac and Quarter Pound
Diet Coke’s his choice to wash it down
Donald Trump’s the Orange Prolapse clown

A coup d’etat crime is a disgrace
Not discounting all the critical race
Ivanka’s cunt is dry, all year round
That fuck-up cums from a clown

Stormy blowed a clown his little prick
Mushroom was a tiny little dick
A scary little boy that cunt’s unfit
Donald Trump is shit

Golden toilet bling’s a fine display
Jared Kushner preaches the Jew way
Stiffener Viagra is okay
Donald Trump is gay


Born Too Late
The Clarks

Vincent will you teach me how to paint
Teresa will I ever be a saint
John I really think your songs are great
I was born too late

William will you teach me how to write
Cassius will you show me how to fight
Thomas A. I think I see the light
I was born tonight

I've had a hard time leaving this town
I've been losing everything that I've found
I'm gonna search the sky, kiss the ground
Build it up and tear it back down

I've had a hard time leaving this place
I've been counting all the lines on my face
I'm gonna curse the sky, hit the ground
What goes up comes tumbling down

Jimi show me how you play that thing
Elvis will I ever be a king
and Jerry all the joy and love you bring
I was born to sing

Martin Luther King show me the way
Jesus Buddha teach me how to pray
Christopher I think I see the bay
I was born today


For as many times as I've seen The Clarks.  (I'm guessing about 10 or so)... my actual ticket to non-ticket ratio is probably 2:8.  Most of the times I've seen them have been things like Rib Fest, Light-Up Night, county fairgrounds.  You know, free shit n'at.

The Big Lie 100: (#1743)

#2566.  Vance (Chance --- Big Country)

#2567.  Donald Trump Ain't Devout (That's What It's All About --- Brooks & Dunn)

#2568.  Royce White (Love Bites --- Judas Priest)

#2569.  Royce Isn't White (Fight For Your Right --- Beastie Boys)

#2570.  Trump's A Cunt (Light My Love --- Greta Van Fleet)

#2571.  Vincent Fong (We Belong --- Pat Benatar)

#2572.  Fong's A Clown (Long Way Down --- Goo Goo Dolls)

#2573.  Vincent Fong In Trump Tower (All Along The Watchtower --- Grateful Dead)

#2574.  Red Lobster (Rock Lobster --- B-52's)

#2575.  Robert Jr. (Way Cool Jr. --- Ratt)

#2576.  Daines The Cunt (Chains Of Love --- B.B. King)

#2577.  John McGuire (Light My Fire --- The Doors)

#2578.  John McGuire (Start The Fire --- Metal Church)

#2579.  John McGuire (I'm On Fire --- Bruce Springsteen)

#2580.  Bill Lee (Billy --- Judge Smails)

#2581.  McGuire (Crossfire --- Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)

#2582.  McGuire (Live Wire --- Motley Crue)

#2583.  McGuire (Hang Wire --- Pixies)

#2584.  Tim Sheehy (Faithfully --- Journey) 

#2585.  No Tim Sheehy (No Sympathy --- Bob Marley)

#2586.  Joseph McGuire (Trial By Fire --- Testament)

#2587.  Tim Sheehy (Thirty Three --- Smashing Pumpkins)

#2588.  Jared's A Jew (No One Like You --- Scorpions)

#2589.  Kicker Harrison Butker (The Mother of All Fuckers --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)

#2590.  McGuire (Hang Fire --- Rolling Stones)

#2591.  Fuck Harrison Butker (Hello From The Gutter --- Overkill)

#2592.  U.S. Jews (U.S. Blues --- Grateful Dead)

#2593.  Jeff Van Drew (Black And Blue --- Van Halen)

#2594.  Alex Jones (Game Of Thrones --- HBO)

#2595.  Ed Martin (The Curtain --- Phish)

#2596.  Trumpin' (Women --- Def Leppard)

#2597.  Mike Roman (Bad Omen --- Megadeth) 

#2598.  Trump Is A Clown (Farewell For Now --- Greta Van Fleet)

#2599.  Sam Brown (This Town --- Neil Young)

#2600.  Sam Brown (Showdown --- E.L.O.)

#2601.  Sam Brown (Ghost Town --- The Vaccines)

#2602.  Sam Brown's A Clown (Don't Let Me Down --- The Beatles)

#2603.  Lies Of Nancy Mace (Eyes Without A Face --- Billy Idol)

#2604.  Trump Romancer (Tiny Dancer --- Elton John)

#2605.  Downing (Drowning --- Radio Company)

#2606.  Orange Prolapsin' Fart (Listen To Your Heart --- Roxette)

#2607.  Donald's Dildo Toys (Come On Feel The Noize --- Quiet Riot)

#2608.  Trump Dumps Ain't A Crime (One Day At A Time --- Cristy Lane)

#2609.  All You Need Is Trump (All You Need Is Love ---The Beatles)

#2610.  O'Brien (O'Brien --- Seinfeld episode)

#2611.  Tenney Is A Whore (Penny On The Floor --- The Clarks)

#2612.  Trump Is Great (Born Too Late --- The Clarks)


Please do not share this material with former President Donald J. Trump.



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