Thursday, July 04, 2024

#2621. Steve Daines

Montana Senator Steve Daines is vowing to block any funding aimed at upgrading Fed Ex Field unless the Washington Commanders return to the name "Redskins" and restore the locker room culture of Chief Jay Strongbow.  Steve Daines is going on the warpath!

In keeping with the Daines agenda, I think the Montana state motto "Big Sky Country" should be now be known as "Big Lie Country."  

Hey, if you're gonna be a staunch supporter of the Orange Prolapse, you might as well go all-in.

Ahead of the July 4th Pirates/Cardinals game this afternoon.  A different kind of "fireworks" on the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

July 4th is some hot shit



Steve Daines

A whore and Donald Trump is fat
Shit stall is not okay
Shit port-a-jon rearrange
Shit from a fuckin’ clown holy and gay

So much disdain
His daughter is a Jew
His lard will help stop the stealing for all
Trump’s behavior can never be excused

So smear the queer, Steven Daines
That twat’s my MAGA enemy
Montana ain’t part of democracy
Trump can go to hell

The Plains

It's boring, they don't tell you that
It's all they ever say
It's hard to watch nothing change
It's impossible how slowly things fade

No one complains
It's all we ever do
It's hard to get used to feeling useful
When you never get over feeling used

I like it here, on the plains
From what I see on my TV
There isn't any point in being free
When there's nowhere else
You'd rather be


Favorite Wilco songs?  Gotta go with If I Ever Was a Child, Shot In The Arm, and Via Chicago.

From 1995 to the present, Wilco has played the Burgh a grand total of 11 times. 


8-23-98, Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA (Newport Folk Festival)

6-8-17, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

The Big Lie 100: (#1752)

#2566.  Vance (Chance --- Big Country)

#2567.  Donald Trump Ain't Devout (That's What It's All About --- Brooks & Dunn)

#2568.  Royce White (Love Bites --- Judas Priest)

#2569.  Royce Isn't White (Fight For Your Right --- Beastie Boys)

#2570.  Trump's A Cunt (Light My Love --- Greta Van Fleet)

#2571.  Vincent Fong (We Belong --- Pat Benatar)

#2572.  Fong's A Clown (Long Way Down --- Goo Goo Dolls)

#2573.  Vincent Fong In Trump Tower (All Along The Watchtower --- Grateful Dead)

#2574.  Red Lobster (Rock Lobster --- B-52's)

#2575.  Robert Jr. (Way Cool Jr. --- Ratt)

#2576.  Daines The Cunt (Chains Of Love --- B.B. King)

#2577.  John McGuire (Light My Fire --- The Doors)

#2578.  John McGuire (Start The Fire --- Metal Church)

#2579.  John McGuire (I'm On Fire --- Bruce Springsteen)

#2580.  Bill Lee (Billy --- Judge Smails)

#2581.  McGuire (Crossfire --- Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)

#2582.  McGuire (Live Wire --- Motley Crue)

#2583.  McGuire (Hang Wire --- Pixies)

#2584.  Tim Sheehy (Faithfully --- Journey) 

#2585.  No Tim Sheehy (No Sympathy --- Bob Marley)

#2586.  Joseph McGuire (Trial By Fire --- Testament)

#2587.  Tim Sheehy (Thirty Three --- Smashing Pumpkins)

#2588.  Jared's A Jew (No One Like You --- Scorpions)

#2589.  Kicker Harrison Butker (The Mother of All Fuckers --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)

#2590.  McGuire (Hang Fire --- Rolling Stones)

#2591.  Fuck Harrison Butker (Hello From The Gutter --- Overkill)

#2592.  U.S. Jews (U.S. Blues --- Grateful Dead)

#2593.  Jeff Van Drew (Black And Blue --- Van Halen)

#2594.  Alex Jones (Game Of Thrones --- HBO)

#2595.  Ed Martin (The Curtain --- Phish)

#2596.  Trumpin' (Women --- Def Leppard)

#2597.  Mike Roman (Bad Omen --- Megadeth) 

#2598.  Trump Is A Clown (Farewell For Now --- Greta Van Fleet)

#2599.  Sam Brown (This Town --- Neil Young)

#2600.  Sam Brown (Showdown --- E.L.O.)

#2601.  Sam Brown (Ghost Town --- The Vaccines)

#2602.  Sam Brown's A Clown (Don't Let Me Down --- The Beatles)

#2603.  Lies Of Nancy Mace (Eyes Without A Face --- Billy Idol)

#2604.  Trump Romancer (Tiny Dancer --- Elton John)

#2605.  Downing (Drowning --- Radio Company)

#2606.  Orange Prolapsin' Fart (Listen To Your Heart --- Roxette)

#2607.  Donald's Dildo Toys (Come On Feel The Noize --- Quiet Riot)

#2608.  Trump Dumps Ain't A Crime (One Day At A Time --- Cristy Lane)

#2609.  All You Need Is Trump (All You Need Is Love ---The Beatles)

#2610.  O'Brien (O'Brien --- Seinfeld episode)

#2611.  Tenney Is A Whore (Penny On The Floor --- The Clarks)

#2612.  Trump Is Great (Born Too Late --- The Clarks)

#2613.  Gabe (Babe --- Styx)

#2614.  Doug Burgum's A Cunt (I Want A New Drug --- Huey Lewis & The News)

#2615.  Pastor John Mark Burns (As the World Burns --- Kreator)

#2616.  Deepfake (Jailbreak --- Anthrax)

#2617.  Buckhout (Blackout --- Scorpions)

#2618.  Deepfaker (Heartbreaker --- Pat Benatar)

#2619.  Donald Trump (Tainted Love --- Soft Cell)

#2620.  Donald Trump (Icky Thump --- White Stripes)

#2621.  Steve Daines (The Plains --- Wilco)

Please do not share this material with Senator Steven Daines and/or former President Donald J. Trump.



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