Tuesday, May 02, 2023

#1845. Red Devil

 I originally planned for this "Cold Ethyl" parody to be entitled "Cunt Donald."

But opted for the more sanitary title of "Red Devil."  Consider it a colorful variation of the Orange Prolapse.  Better alliteration and perhaps a tad more prophetic.  Perhaps.


Red Devil

Yeah ooh oh
Don’t sing or diss
The red devil and his Orange Prolapse fist
MAGA must fight
Flood of blood from the rectum of the far right

Devil, devil, a disease committing harm
Devil, devil, the Chinese virus alarm

Jism, cream pie
Donald’s a pig and I wish he would die
MAGA is red
Nothing is free, Donald’s inbred

Devil, Donald, a disease committing harm
Devil, Donald, the Chinese virus alarm

Cum in, red devil
Honest Abe
Old school, advice

Jared’s, a Jew
Red devil, and Ivanka too
An no matter what you say
Donald’s fucking her today

Devil, Donald, a disease committing harm
Devil, Donald, the Chinese virus alarm

Fat queer, red devil
Mistakes of a cunt
Ooh, a …cunt… ooh...
Red devil, red, red devil
Red devil, red, red devil
Red devil, red, red devil
Red devil, red, red devil

Forty-five’s sins no chance of heaven
He’ll still be hating and contributing all seven
He’s old school, not nice
Red devil, gonna roll the dice


Cold Ethyl
Alice Cooper

Yeah ooh oh
One thing I miss
Is Cold Ethyl and her skeleton kiss
We met last night
Making love by the refrigerator light

Ethyl, Ethyl, let me squeeze you in my arms
Ethyl, Ethyl, come and freeze me with your charms

One thing, no lie
Ethyl's frigid as an Eskimo pie
She's cool in bed
She ought to be, 'cause Ethyl's dead

Ethyl, Ethyl, let me squeeze you in my arms
Ethyl, Ethyl, come and freeze me with your charms

Come on, cold Ethyl
Freeze me, babe
That's cool, that's nice

One thing, it's true
Cold Ethyl, I am stuck on you
And everything is my way
Ethyl don't have much to say

Ethyl, Ethyl, let me squeeze you in my arms
Ethyl, Ethyl, come and freeze me with your charms

Come here, cold Ethyl
What makes you so cold?
Ooh, so cold...ooh...
Cold Ethyl, Cold, Cold Ethyl
Cold Ethyl, Cold, Cold Ethyl
Cold Ethyl, Cold, Cold Ethyl
Cold Ethyl, Cold, Cold Ethyl

If I live till ninety seven
You'll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven
'Cause you're cool, you're ice
Cold Ethyl, you're my paradise

Alice Cooper has played the Burgh an incredibly inspiring 28 times.  At just about every venue imaginable.  Gotta be honest.  I thought that attendance for his Covelli Centre concert would maybe be around 4,000.  Instead, the place was packed to the rafters at full capacity... 5,900.  We barged our way to the 4th row, right side.

Alice Cooper:

9-3-10, Classic Park, Eastlake, OH

8-12-11, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

7-15-12, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

6-23-13, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

5-20-16, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

9-1-17, KeyBank Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

10-26-18, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

3-20-22, Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

4-29-23, Covelli Centre, Youngstown, OH

The Big Lie 100: (#1005)

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#1759.  ... Jim Justice Asshole (... And Justice For All --- Metallica) 

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#1762.  Charlie Kirk Sold Out (We Can Work It Out --- The Beatles)

#1763.  Xi Fucks You (She Loves You --- The Beatles)

#1764.  Has Been Chip Roy (Seek And Destroy --- Metallica)

#1765.  Steil (Smile -- Pearl Jam)

#1766.  Congressman Steil's Critical Race (God Put A Smile Upon Your Face --- Coldplay)

#1767.  Steil's A Liar (Trial By Fire --- Testament)

#1768.  Xi's Fucking Trump's Wife (She's Out Of My Life --- Michael Jackson)

#1769.  His Name Is Dave Williams (How I Made My Millions --- Radiohead)

#1770.  Xi Jinping's A Basket Case (Everything In Its Right Place --- Radiohead)

#1771.  Hovde Will Fuck You (Lovely To See You --- Moody Blues)

#1772.  Jim Justice (Seed Justice --- Neil Young)

#1773.  Steil (Smile --- Michael Jackson)

#1774.  Xi Jinping's Dead (Everything Zen --- Bush)

#1775.  Robinson (Machine Gun --- The Commodores)

#1776.  Donald's An Orange Prolapse Fart (Owner Of A Lonely Heart --- Yes)

#1777.  Nashville Isn't Lucky (Nashville to Kentucky --- My Morning Jacket)

#1778.  Tennessee Dead (Tennessee Jed --- Grateful Dead)

#1779.  Tim Burchett's Shitty (Suffragette City --- David Bowie)

#1780.  On Fox News Sean Hannity (The Frayed Ends Of Sanity --- Metallica)

#1781.  What The Fuck (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

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#1783.  Indicted Cunt (United Blood --- Agnostic Front)

#1784.  Indicted Not Long (United And Strong --- Agnostic Front)

#1785.  Indicted As Planned (United We Stand --- Elton John)

#1786.  Why Do Proud Boys Need More Dildos (Are There Any More Real Cowboys --- Neil Young)

#1787.  Don't Lie For Trump Tacopina (Don't Cry For Me Argentina --- Madonna)

#1788.  Moore's A Shit Show (More Than You Know --- Eddie Vedder)

#1789.  Asshole Of Obscenity (Centre Of Eternity --- Ozzy Osbourne) 

#1790.  Hutchinson (One By One --- Neil Diamond)

#1791.  Treason Of Jim Justice (Seasons In The Abyss --- Slayer)

#1792.  Hutchinson (Number One --- Laid Back)

#1793.  James Comer (The Loner --- Neil Young)

#1794.  Taylor Greene (Billie Jean --- Michael Jackson)

#1795.  Douglas Burgum (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)

#1796.  Bill Barr (Ya Mar --- Phish)

#1797.  Cotham's Shit-Stained Face (Awesome In This Place --- Tricia Cotham)

#1798.  Katie's Shittin' (Baby Sittin' --- Carole King)

#1799.  Asshole LaPierre (Back Door Love Affair --- ZZ Top)

#1800.  Senator Daines (Breaking The Chains --- Dokken)

#1801.  LaPierre Pride (Delaware Slide --- George Thorogood)

#1802.  Tricia Cotham (Apple Blossom --- White Stripes)

#1803.  Jeff Roe (Death Row --- Chris Stapleton)

#1807.  Trusty's Rage (Rusty Cage --- Soundgarden)

#1808.  Taylor Greene (Shirley Green --- Foghat)

#1809.  Jeff Roe (Hello --- Lionel Richie)

#1810.  Ohio's Moreno (Avenu Malkenu --- Phish)

#1811.  45 Love Affair ('65 Love Affair --- Paul Davis)

#1812.  Warthog (Hound Dog --- Elvis Presley)

#1813.  Kristi Noem (Kodachrome --- Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel)

#1814.  Warthog (Hot Dog --- Led Zeppelin)

#1815.  Jared Kushner Is A Jew (Only Wanna Be With You --- Hootie & The Blowfish)

#1816.  Kristi Noem (Hell Is Chrome --- Wilco)

#1817.  Taylor Greene (Polly Jean --- Toadies)

#1818.  Jeff Roe (Hello --- Electric Light Orchestra)

#1819.  Christie (Misty --- Johnny Mathis)

#1820.  Swing State (I'm Late --- Bill Thompson)

#1821.  SpaceX (Spaceboy --- Smashing Pumpkins)

#1822.  We Are The Trumpers (We Are The World --- USA For Africa)

#1823.  Twitter Fuck (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC) 

#1824.  Kelly Cunt (Belly Love - The Kooks)

#1825.  Mike Lindell (Burn In Hell --- Twisted Sister)

#1826.  George Santos (Small Doses --- Travis Tritt)

#1827.  Trump Is The Enemy (What Do You Want From Me --- Pink Floyd)

#1828.  Sheriff Joe (Mexico --- Neil Young)

#1829.  Sheriff Joe (Mexico --- Merle Haggard)

#1830.  Fucking Tool Tate Reeves (What A Fool Believes --- Doobie Brothers) 

#1831.  Taylor Greene (Creeping Jean --- The Kinks)

#1832.  Noem (Chrome --- Joe Jackson)

#1833.  Fuck Huckabee's Koozies (Wake Up Little Suzie --- Grateful Dead)

#1834.  Sheriff Joe (Mexico --- Cake)

#1835.  Taylor Greene (Amber Jean --- Neil Young)

#1836.  Steven Daines (Astral Planes --- Smashing Pumpkins)

#1837.  Jim (Jim --- Faith No More)

#1838.  Daines (Chains --- The Beatles)

#1839.  Conaway (Day By Day --- The Hooters)

#1840.  Trump's Devout (Steppin' Out --- Joe Jackson)

#1841.  Daines The Enemy (Chains Of Misery --- Iron Maiden)

#1842.  Donald Trump Is Dead (We Are Motorhead --- Motorhead)

#1843.  Spencer Cox (Heart-Shaped Box --- Nirvana)

#1844.  Rejected (Elected --- Alice Cooper)

#1845.  Red Devil (Cold Ethyl --- Alice Cooper)

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