Thursday, September 02, 2021

#669. Hurricane Ida, Was Not All Righta

GWN reports that total damage and economic losses of Hurricane Ida could reach $70 billion to $80 billion.  And who am I to question the word of "Good Word News?"  Not to mention all of the other miscellaneous Christian broadcasting networks.


Hurricane Ida, Was Not All Righta

When It Says Ore-Ida, It's All Righta
Heinz Marketing 


Who among us does not enjoy the occasional crispy tater tot or crinkle cut french fry?  But let it be known that I'm perfectly content with the Aldi brand equivalent.  

I've always been fascinated by the fact that half this country refers to Aldi as Aldis and Kroger as Krogers.  I'm admittedly guilty of unwittingly participating in this heinous marketing rebrand.  Shame.

Please do not share this material with anyone who consumes frozen potato products and/or was negatively impacted by Hurricane Ida.

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