Tuesday, September 28, 2021

#710. Thune Songs

Music intended to stereotype black men and women emerged during the early 1900's.  "Coon songs" were specifically designed to reinforce the notions that African Americans were philanderers, drug-using criminals, and drunken gamblers.  The idea was to present the case that black human beings were a continual threat and constant danger to society.

On the other hand, "Thune songs" are a genre of music embodying the the Republican establishment.  The so called RINOs and GOP country clubbers who faithfully stand behind the Orange Prolapse while doing their best to downplay the January 6 insurrection and ignore the consequences of the big lie.


Thuney lookin' goony.  Trumpy actin' grumpy.

Thune Songs

Republican bullshit is all the same
He’s John Thune rambling on about who’s to blame
He says things like good gravy
It drives ‘em crazy
He's Senator Thune... just part of the scam


Coon Songs
Nathan Givins

Last night I did go to a big Crap game,
How dem coons did gamble wuz a sin and a shame...
I'm gambling for my Sadie,
Cause she's my lady,
I'm a hustling coon... dat's just what I am.

Maybe, just maybe, the United States isn't as "historically united" as many would claim.

Please do not share this material with Senator and minority whip John Thune (R-SD).

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