Monday, September 13, 2021

#689. Watt !!!

The Steelers and TJ Watt reached a mega deal.  Watt recently signed a 4-year extension worth more than $112 million, $28 million average per year, with a cool $80 million fully guaranteed at signing.

Watt is now the highest paid defensive player in the NFL.

Even the Orange Prolapse loves the black'n'gold.  Life is all about color you generic fuck.

Naturally I have an idea.  On game day, everyone around Heinz Field should just walk around yelling "WATT !!!"  Consider it a throwback of sorts.

During the WWE reign of Stone Cold Steve Austin, fans would collectively respond to every pro wrestling utterance with a unified "WHAT !!!"  This disruptive nuisance lasted for years.  And it extended to just about everyone who took to the mic.  What started as an amusing gimmick, turned into an annoyingly exhaustive refrain.

So anytime TJ Watt gives an interview, anytime he gets a sack, makes a tackle, forces a fumble, blows his nose, whatever... you know what to do.

WATT !!!

WHAT !!!
Stone Cold Steve Austin


Sure beats the duck calls from a couple years ago.

Back in my early teenage years (early 80's), I went to more pro wrestling events than you could fathom.  I was a studio wrestling addict.  Mostly the NWA branch of WCW at the Wheeling Civic Center.

Favorite wrestlers:  "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Don "The Magnificent" Muraco, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper...

Least favorite wrestlers:  Hulk Hogan, Pedro Morales, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich,  Salvatore Bellomo...

Please do not share this material with Steelers defensive end TJ Watt and/or pro wrestling fans who participated in the WHAT phenomenon.

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