Wednesday, September 22, 2021

#707. Reynolds' Crap

Kim Reynolds is Iowa's Republican Governor.  What a glorious honor it must be to preside over the bible belt, meth-head farmers of the heartland.  Me so corny!

Just yesterday, I got one of those RNC spam emails begging for money.


Chairman McDaniel and I agree - it’s time to get our children back to school! So I was thrilled to join the Chairman on her “Real America” podcast to discuss just how Republican leadership is keeping our schools open, banning Critical Race Theory, and working to create a bright future for our children with an economy of unlimited opportunity for all.

While Joe Biden and Democrat Governors across the country continue to placate liberal teacher unions by embracing mask mandates and radical Critical Race Theory indoctrination - Republicans will continue to prioritize our children, their learning, and getting them safely back in the classroom.

It is up to Republican Leadership to continue to defend the liberties and rights of every American citizen and safeguard the protections of our United States Constitution. Chairman McDaniel and I discuss just this in today’s episode.
We as Americans must continue to stand up for our freedoms -- we have all witnessed how quickly the Radical Left has attempted to strip them away.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy my and the Chairman’s conversation and I sincerely hope it will encourage you to join the dialogue as we work to preserve our nation for future generations.

Thank you,

Kim Reynolds
Iowa Governor


Notice how Kimmy refers to her as "Chairman" and not "Chairwoman."  Hey, most Midwest Republicans would be outraged by the blatant gender political correctness compliance.  I suppose it could be worse.  She could be calling her "Ronna" amidst a Covid spike.  Does anyone see the irony of a woman actually named Ronna overseeing the Republican counter-narrative during a health pandemic?

Anyway, as expected, Reynolds is predictably leaning into the Critical Race Theory nonsense.

Considering Iowa's ethnic breakdown, it'll probably work in her favor.

Iowa = 3% Hispanic, 3% Black, 2% Asian, 2% misc.... and 90% homeland honky.

Reynold’s Crap
Critical Race is Shit

Reynold’s Wrap

It’s the Way You Do It

I must concede, listening to those two female followers of the Orange Prolapse... well it does give me this strange urge to use tin foil.  Hmm, using tin foil.  Er, uh.  I meant chewing tin foil.   

Please do not share this material with Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA) and/or RNC Chair-subhuman Ronna McDaniel.

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