Tuesday, September 21, 2021

#705. Max Miller

Former Ohio State football player and current Congressman Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) has opted to retire. 

Just for the record, Gonzalez voted in favor of Trump's second impeachment.  So naturally, it raised the ire and relative circumference of the Orange Prolapse.

But it does beg the question, if this rhino baldo is too scared to seek reelection, well, where the hell does that leave us?

The answer being... likely in the capable hands of Trump lapdog Max Miller.

An eager Max Miller mentally readies himself for a random blow job in hometown MAGA country.  Trump looks on and thinks to himself... "Cleveland suburbs.  Good boy."


Max Miller

He is full of bullshit
Horrible wet dream
Political coat hanger
Abortion know what I mean

Like a Trumpy mobster
Total fucking liar
Praise to the Orange Prolapse don’t ask why

He is the Max Miller
Ohio’s Max Miller

Very overrated
Bastard if you please
The time is right to demonize
Make Dems drink antifreeze

The China Virus blunder
Covid fucked up deal
Insurrection helps us stop the steal

He is the Max Miller
Ohio’s Max Miller

He’s still full of fucking bullshit
Hates Mexicans and Islam
Congressional honor don’t meddle
Whiter people love their guns

ICE will try to capture
Situation’s grave
Waiting for the rapture
Jesus Christ is gonna save

The Proud Boys were rebellious
Saw it on TV live
Let’s fuck the Democrats and demonize

He is the Max Miller
Ohio’s Max Miller
Big Mac meal Max Miller
Happy meal Mace Miller

He is the Max Miller
Ohio’s Max Miller
He is the Max Miller
Ohio’s Max Miller

Max! Max!
Miller! Miller!
Max! Max!
Miller! Miller!

Please stop the Max Miller!


Judas Priest

Faster than a bullet
Terrifying scream
Enraged and full of anger
He's half man and half machine

Rides the Metal Monster
Breathing smoke and fire
Closing in with vengeance soaring high

He is the Painkiller
This is the Painkiller

Planets devastated
Mankind's on its knees
A saviour comes from out the skies
In answer to their pleas

Through boiling clouds of thunder
Blasting bolts of steel
Evils going under deadly wheels

He is the Painkiller
This is the Painkiller

Faster than a laser bullet
Louder than an atom bomb
Chromium plated boiling metal
Brighter than a thousand suns

Flying high on rapture
Stronger free and brave
Nevermore en-captured
They've been brought back from the grave

With mankind resurrected
Forever to survive
Returns from Armageddon to the skies

He is the Painkiller
This is the Painkiller
Wings of steel Painkiller
Deadly wheels Painkiller

He is the Painkiller
This is the Painkiller
He is the Painkiller
This is the Painkiller

Pain! Pain!
Killer! Killer!
Pain! Pain!
Killer! Killer!

Can't stop the Painkiller!



Judas Priest:

8-28-04, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

9-17-21, Covelli Centre, Youngstown, OH

So I caught the 50th Judas Priest Anniversary tour last week in Youngstown.  Which incidentally borders the Gonzalez congressional district.  Zipped up solo.  Great show.  Tailgating scene was borderline pathetic.  But then again it's Ohio.  They closed the set with Painkiller.   To be totally frank, I think I could've conceived of a better commemorative set list.  Definitely would have included Riding on the Wind.  Why do they never play Love Bites or Heavy Duty?  Maybe Green Manalishi or Diamonds and Rust.  Eliminate some of the newer material.   

Please do not share this material with former President Donald J. Trump and/or Ohio Congressional candidate Max Miller.

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