Wednesday, June 08, 2022

#1265. Mehmet Oz

In the United States, an 18 year old cannot legally purchase cigarettes or alcohol.  However, they can buy an AR-15 and a seemingly infinite amount of ammunition.  That... is a problem.


Gotta love how Oz mentions an endorsement from Ted "Wango Fucko" Nugent.  What a cuntbag.

If you wanna win the gun debate, you gotta skew the argument.  Instead of churches and second grade classrooms, start mentioning the prospect of hospital maternity wards and infants in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) getting obliterated.  Also, if a few dozen massacred kids, presumably from upper class white children in Newtown, Connecticut never mattered, why on earth would a couple dozen Hispanic kids from Uvalde, Texas provide a different legislative outcome.


Mehmet Oz

The Orange Prolapse is rapture, Donald Trump’s disdain
Begging to his sheeple for more cash and less weight gain
An asshole and a liar, his son-in-law’s a Jew
Should be charged with treason, Ivanka Kushner too
Whoa, oh

Yeah!  All right!  Come on!  Right now!

Stormy Daniels screw, Trump’s mushroom dick was hot
A vaginal menace, orgasm she did not
He won’t end up in prison, insurrection to defend
Stormy Daniels screwing, a Big Mac is his friend
Whoa, yeah, ah!

Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz

McRib’s always boneless, and seasonal if you care
Steak is always well done, and not medium rare
Donald Trump’s a baby, and Mehmet’s not a man
Butt he’ll always fuck you, it’s up the ass again
Whoa, yeah, ah

Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz

Jared Kushner’s a Jew
Not difficult to discern
Yarmulke on his head, an orthodox reform
McDonald’s gives him cancer
His weight you will defend
A back alley hanger and coat of abortion
Whoa, yeah, ah

Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz

Trump’s a clown, Trump wants to fuck you


Gods Of Wrath
Metal Church

A lonely god you captured, do you feel the pain
Tried to help the people but your help was all in vain
You gave to us their fire, but who was watching you
Chainin' out a reason, now what you gonna do?
Whoa, oh

Yeah! All right! Come on! Right now!

Now that they picked you, a lesson has been taught
Join us now in vengeance and let the bodies rot
A thousand times a thousand is finally gonna end
Storms of war are brewing - we need your help but when
Whoa, yeah, ah!

Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath

Gods of wrath are heartless when they left you hanging there
Cast out and abandoned, you had to pay the fare
Now's the time to break free and help us if you can
'Cause we're all behind you to start the master plan
Whoa, yeah, ah

Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath

Harpies far above you
Saying you will never learn
Reach up to the heavens and let the bodies burn
You know you have the answer
You've always been a friend
Break the chains in anger and let it all begin
Whoa, yeah, ah

Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath
Gods of wrath

God, come down, gods are before you

Key debate points for Fetterman vs. Oz.

1.  Open with a knockout punch.  Turn to Oz and say... "Who are you?  Why are you here?"  Employing a slight variation of the memorable James Stockdale line from the 1992 VP debate with Dan Quayle and Al Gore.  Obviously mocking Oz's penchant for laying heavily on the carpet-bagging.  Fetterman should hammer home the point that there's a reason him and the fam didn't pick up and move to Rhode Island and run for U.S. Senate.  In a state that almost always trends blue. Why?  Well, it's because he's not from there.  The key word being "represent."  Same job, right?  Same pay too.  And hell, with Rhode Island you could criss-cross that entire state in less than an hour.  Cheaper campaign too.  Of course, if you're worth somewhere between a 100 million and a half billion, you probably don't spend your days and nights worried about the mortgage and utilities, gas and groceries, etc.

Mention a specific list of things that only people from Pennsylvania would know about.  Like how much it costs to get from Pittsburgh to Philly on the turnpike.  Maybe the names of the three rivers that from the confluence at Point State Park (Allegheny, Ohio and the Mon).  In the interest of civility and a return to political normalcy, Fetterman should make a direct offer to Oz.  For him and Giselle to show Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa around the keystone state.  They could talk about all the classics.  Steelers vs. Eagles, Penn State vs. Pitt, Penguins/Flyers, Pirates/Phillies, etc.  You know, Sheetz vs. WAWA.  Kinzua Bridge State Park, Liberty Bell, Gettysburg, etc.  Perhaps even stage a few informal debates.

Finally, raise the possibility, that if Oz loses, he'll likely move back to his 30 million dollar, palatial estate in West Palm Beach, Florida or his mansion in Clifton Heights, NJ overlooking Manhattan.  He's currently renting a rural farm in PA from his in-laws.  Nobody really knows how much time he spends "down on the farm."

2.  Oz and many other Republican candidates are running under the "America First" banner.  Hey, let's be honest.  It's difficult to challenge that Trumpian-fueled, faux-patriotism bullshit.  

I'd suggest countering with... "Doctor Oz, as a Turkish Muslim, before you put America First, you need to learn how to put women and children first!  As in reproductive healthcare (abortion) and safe schools (common sense gun legislation).  Along with immigration and inflation, these will be the hot button nationwide issues in 2022/2024.  Insinuate that Oz bears a striking similarity to Caledon "Cal" Hockley, the villain from Titanic.  "I have a child.  I have a child.  Please, I'm all Pennsylvania has got."


Specifically, you're a doctor who takes a Hypocratic Oath.   You need to realize and be held accountable that the GOP, whom you represent, in the most expensive Senate race in the history of the United States... and Trump (who honestly doesn't give a shit about personal freedom and human rights), want all abortion outlawed.  They want zero exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.  They want to make women and minorities second class citizens... again.  They're just one step away from establishing a federal "miscarriage police" force so they can better investigate and bring murder charges for all future alleged embryonic tragedies.

3.  Campaigning in the commonwealth actually means dealing with "common" people (teachers, volunteer firefighters, unions, waiters and waitresses, etc.).  Not Hollywood donors from California or the Wall Street elite in the Big Apple.  Most PA residents don't think that a local campaign rally consists of "choppering in" for a book signing at a Starbuck's in Rittenhouse Square or some other wealthy Philly suburb. 

Close with a history of your different voting records in PA.  Supervoter and permanent resident vs. someone, who, sensing a golden opportunity, just recently cast his only vote in Pennsylvania... for himself.  Ask Oz point blank if he has ever voted illegally, casting a simultaneous ballot in two separate states, or even worse, multiple countries (Turkey and U.S.).  And get some real-time, debate clarity on the meaning of "simultaneous."

Doctor Oz, I notice that a lot the books you've co-written include the word "you" in the title.  Well, I'm here speaking on behalf of us.  I hate to be blunt, but there's a lot of people in PA... who don't want you.  It's not that people don't like you personally.  I'm sure you're a great guy.  You're just probably not the best fit for the job.  Hell, I wouldn't make for a particularly good jockey at the Kentucky Derby. 

Make a vow ahead of November 6, 2022.  Win or lose, my family is gonna stay in PA.  I seriously doubt my opponent would be willing to make a comparable pledge.

I would humbly encourage Pennsylvania voters to "pay no attention to the man behind green curtain."  Steel curtain too for that matter.   

"We're the Fettermans... and we approve of this message!" --- showcase the entire family along with Artie and Levi.

Alright enough.

Tough to beat the first side of Metal Church's 1985 tape "Metal Church."  Beyond the Black, Metal Church, an instrumental I forget the name of, and Gods of Wrath.  Some shit just really stands the test of time. 

Metal Church:

4-18-89, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH*

3-29-16, Altar Bar, Pittsburgh, PA

* - one of my all-time favorite concert openers, Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912) 

The Big Lie 100: (#442)

#390.  Big Lie (Free Ride --- Edgar Winter)

#487.  Donald's Big Lie (Mr. Blue Sky --- E.L.O.)

#495.  American Lie (American Pie --- Don McLean)

#520.  The Big Lie (When Doves Cry --- Prince)

#530.  Big Lie (High Time --- Grateful Dead)

#545.  Big Lie (Goodbye --- Night Ranger)

#548.  Trump World's, Big Lie (Big Girls, Don't Cry --- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)   

#549.  All A Big Lie (Live And Let Die --- Paul McCartney)

#550.  Would Trump Lie To You (Would I Lie To You --- Annie Lennox)

#552.  Big Liar (Big Spender --- Shirley Bassey)
#553.  Big Lie (Big Me --- Foo Fighters) 

#555.  The Big Lie (Let Her Cry --- Hootie And The Blowfish)

#557.  Big Lie (Big Love --- Fleetwood Mac)

#559.  Big Lies (Big Balls --- AC/DC)

#561.  The Big Lie (Aces High --- Iron Maiden)

#562.  Big Lie Trump Overload (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road --- Elton John)

#563.  Byrne's A Bitch (Burn The Witch --- Radiohead) 

#564.  As The World Byrnes (As The World Burns --- Kreator)

#565.  Lie (Cry --- Godley and Creme)

#567.  Byrne In Hell (Burn In Hell --- Twisted Sister)  

#571.  He's A Scrotum The Big Lie (I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry --- Hank Williams)

#594.  Lie Lie You Trumpers (Die Die My Darling --- Metallica)

#595.  To Live Is To Lie (To Live Is To Die --- Metallica) 
#596.  Don't Lie (Don't Cry --- Guns'n'Roses) 

#597.  Big Lie (Big Time --- Peter Gabriel)

#601.  Lies (Lies --- Thompson Twins)

#602.  Liar (Liar --- Three Dog Night)

#606.  Lie Free-For-All (Fly On The Wall --- AC/DC)

#609.  Big Liar (Big River --- Grateful Dead)

#616.  Jeffrey Clark (Rosa Parks --- OutKast) 

#626.  So Great At Big Lies (Too Late For Goodbyes --- Julian Lennon) 

#627.  Liar (Liar --- Henry Rollins)

#630.  Lie!  Lie! (Why?!  Why?! --- Nancy Kerrigan)

#632.  Fucked Up Lie (Custard Pie --- Led Zeppelin)

#633.  Tommy (Zombie --- The Cranberries)

#636.  Everybody Blows (Justice League Soundtrack --- Sigrid)

#639.  Orange Clown (Small Town --- John Cougar Mellencamp)

#640.  Be Unforgiving And Never Stop Lying (Shawshank Redemption --- Morgan Freeman / Tim Robbins)

#643.  Stampede (Candide --- Leonard Bernstein)

#651.  It's The Big Lie (Electric Eye --- Judas Priest)

#653.  Who Killed Ashli Babbitt (Who Killed Roger Rabbit --- Robert Zemekis)

#656.  Dush (Hush --- Deep Purple)

#657.  Dush (Plush --- Stone Temple Pilots)

#658.  Gonna Rock The Vote (Evil Little Goat --- Pearl Jam)

#659.  Trump's An Asshole (Get In The Hole --- generic dumbshit golf enthusiast)

#660.  Trump's A Clown (Lay It Down --- Ratt)

#661.  Between The Lies (Between The Eyes --- Ratt)

#663.  Lies Of The World (Eyes Of The World --- Grateful Dead)

#667.  Hole Jim Jordan (Beast of Burden --- Rolling Stones)

#670.  Sean Parnell (Go To Hell --- Alice Cooper)

#671.  Patrick (Magic --- Olivia Newton-John)

#673.  Sidney Implants (Breast Implants --- women w/ fake titties)

#674.  We Abhor Sidney (Eleanor Rigby --- Paul McCartney)

#675.  Trust Us on J6 (Justice for J6 )

#676.  Fuck Lin Wood (Amii Stewart --- Knock On Wood)

#677.  Lincoln Wood (If I Could --- Phish)

#678.  Burt Jones (Them Bones --- Alice in Chains)

#679.  Harriet's A Liar (Chariots of Fire --- Vangelis)

#680.  Trump's A Liar (Light My Fire --- The Doors)

#681.  Liar  (Fire --- Jimi Hendrix)

#682.  Lee (Tea --- King Diamond)

#683.  Fuck You Michael Cloud (Get Off Of My Cloud --- Rolling Stones)

#684.  Disunion Forever (The Union Forever --- Sergeant Richard Pickman)

#688.  Fuck You Lou (Love Me Do --- The Beatles)

#690.  Say No Thanks, 'Cause Trump Is A Crook And... (Ball Park Franks slogan)  

#691.  Barletta Theme Song (Baretta Theme Song --- Sammy Davis Jr.)

#693.  Justice For Gay Pricks (Justice for J-6 --- Matt Braynard)

#694.  Marco... Homo (Marco... Polo --- unknown)

#699.  Kent Is A Woman (Scent Of A Woman --- Seinfeld)

#700.  GOP (Can't You See --- Marshall Tucker Band) 

#701.  So Contradictory, Matt DePerno (Nestle --- It's Not Delivery, It's DiGiorno)

#702.  Ellis Lie (Jealous Guy --- John Lennon)

#708.  Orange Prolapsin' (Sister Christian --- Night Ranger)

#709.  Burt (Hurt --- Nine Inch Nails)

#713.  Bad Thune Lying (Bad Moon Rising --- John Fogerty)

#719.  Donald Trumper Lies (Bette Davis Eyes --- Kim Carnes) 

#722.  Jody Hice (Paradise --- Coldplay)

#723.  Liar (Liar --- Sex Pistols)

#725.  Strategic Warning (Woke Up This Morning --- Alabama 3)

#726.  Lake's A Caucasian (Shake Your Foundations --- AC/DC)

#727.  Texas (Lexus --- Toyota Marketing Department)

#729.  V.P. Pee Song (1970's Steelers Polka Fight Song --- Jimmy Psihoulis)

#740.  Maximum Misery, Matt DePerno (It's Not Delivery, It's DiGiorno --- Nestle)

#742.  Subpoena No Doubt (The Sun Will Come Out --- Little Orphan Annie)

#743.  Congressman Cole (Head Like A Hole --- Nine Inch Nails

#745.  Scavino Never Cums (Tomorrow Never Comes --- Teddy Geiger)

#746.  Chucky (Lucky --- Radiohead)

#747.  Dan Scavino (Sweet Potato --- Cracker)

#750.  Queen Graham (Queen Jane --- Grateful Dead)

#754.  Fraud (Maude --- Alan and Marilyn Bergman)

#755.  Trump Oddity (Space Oddity --- David Bowie) 

#757.  Trump And Mark Meadows (Me And My Shadow --- Whispering Jack Smith)

#758.  I Allege Grievance (The Pledge of Allegiance --- Rev. Francis Bellamy)

#760.  Peter Theil (Spinning Wheel --- Blood Sweat And Tears)

#761.  Brnovich (Burn The Witch --- Radiohead) 

#773.  Larry Was A Damn Conniver (Jerry Was A Race Car Driver --- Primus)

#776.  Bannon (Dannon --- Danone North America Marketing Department)
#778.  Jim Banks (Give Thanks --- Dan Moen)
#779.  Fiore (Old Glory --- Guttermouth)

#785.  Jack (Black --- Pearl Jam)

#788.  Duncan's A Right Wing Cunt (Time To Make The Donuts --- Dunkin' Donuts)

#789.  Parnell, Parnell (Rochelle, Rochelle --- Bette Midler)

#790.  Fat Huckabee (Bad Company --- Bad Company)

#791.  The Big Lie Con (Da Do Ron Ron --- The Crystals)

#796.  Sean Parnell (Might As Well --- The Grateful Dead)

#797.  Liberty (Misery --- The Beatles)

#798.  Here Cums The Cunt (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)

#800.  The Friendliness Of The Central Perk Gunther (The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner --- Iron Maiden)

#801.  Youngkin's A Clown (You Spin Me Round --- Dead Or Alive)

#803.  Tomahawk (Body Talk --- Ratt)
#804.  Bolsonaro (Hot Potato --- The Wiggles)
#807.  Political Space (Critical Race --- The Republican Party)
#809.  Jen Psaki (Stagger Lee --- Grateful Dead)
#811.  Republican (Alone Again --- Dokken)

#812.  Genghis Kahn (QAnon --- Q)

#813.  Tax The Rich (Eat The Rich --- Krokus)

#816.  Mike Carey (Proud Mary --- Tina Turner)

#823.  Astro (world)? Not!  (Astronaut --- Yuri Gagarin)

#824.  Rupert The Asshole Murdoch (Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer --- Johnny Marks)

#825.  A Coup's Not A Drill (A View To A Kill --- Duran Duran)

#830.  Brainiac (Maniac/Gainiac --- Michael Sembello/Proctor & Gamble)

#833.  Gus Is Scum (Us And Them --- Pink Floyd)

#834.  Fleischmann (Fleischmann's --- Associated British Foods)

#837.  He's Pretty White (McCarthy) (Fight For Your Right (To Party) --- Beastie Boys)

#838.  I Guess That's Why They Call It A Coup (I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues --- Elton John)

#839.  Donald's Coup (Song Sung Blue --- Neil Diamond)

#840.  Coup D'Etat Plan (Blue Collar Man --- Styx)

#842.  Trump's Coup Autocrat (What's New Pussycat? --- Tom Jones)

#843.  Income Tax Cheat (Sesame Street theme song --- The Kids)

#844.  A Coup Solution (The New Solution --- Beck)

#845.  Alex Mooney (Do The Fonzie --- Suzie Quatro and the band)

#846.  Mick Mouse (Brick House --- The Commodores)

#847.  Matthew Rosendale (Peter Cottontail --- Gene Autry) 

#849.  Kevin Rathbun (In The Long Run --- The Eagles)

#850.  Donald Trump Is Sh*t (Believe It Or Not --- Greatest American Hero Theme Song)

#853.  Kevin Rathbun (Fortunate Son --- Pearl Jam)

#854.  Detmer Blows (Don't Let Go --- Weezer)

#855.  Bricker Sucks (Lick It Up --- Kiss)

#859.  Sean Parnell (Jingle Bells --- Korn) 

#860.  The Oath Keepers (Jeepers Creepers --- Frank Sinatra)

#861.  Dan Cox (Squeeze Box --- The Who)

#862.  Alex Jones (Skin And Bones --- Foo Fighters)

#863.  Roger Stone (Turn To Stone --- Electric Light Orchestra)

#864.  Fuck You (Praise You --- Fatboy Slim)

#865.  Donald Trump's Not White (Take Me Home Tonight --- Eddie Money)

#867.  Parnell's Gone (Tuesday's Gone --- Lynyrd Skynyrd)

#871.  Donald's A Clown (Don't Let Me Down --- The Beatles)

#872.  Guillen's Not The Same (Killing In The Name --- Rage Against The Machine)

#876.  Donald Has Sinned (Dust In The Wind --- Kansas)

#880.  Donald Sucks Cocks (Love On The Rocks --- Neil Diamond)

#881.  Twitter Tweet (Gerry Raffety --- Baker Street) 

#882.  Happy Thanksgiving (Among The Living --- Anthrax)

#883.  Donald Trump's A Cock (Love Is Like A Rock --- Donnie Iris)

#884.  Kern! Kern! Kern! (Turn! Turn! Turn! --- The Byrds)

#885.  Kern's A Faggot Asshole (Turn Up The Radio --- Autograph)

#888.  Fat Orange Clown (My Hometown --- Bruce Springsteen)

#890.  Trump Stinks (Love Stinks --- J. Geils Band)

#891.  Learning To Lie (Learning to Fly --- Tom Petty)

#893.  David Perdue (Mr. Magoo --- Vincent Artaud)

#894.  Cox  (Clocks --- Coldplay)

#896.  Fuck Beth Van Duyne (Telephone Line --- E.L.O.)

#898.  Name Is Beth Van Duyne (Lay It On The Line --- Triumph)

#899.  Beth (Beth --- Kiss)

#901.  Jack Off And Vote For Mehmet (We're Off To See The Wizard --- Harold Arlen)

#902.  Devin Bitches (Seven Wishes --- Night Ranger)

#903.  Byron Donalds (Iron Maiden --- Iron Maiden)

#904.  Oz instrumental (Jaws instrumental --- John Williams)

#905.  Daniel Cox (Heart-Shaped Box --- Nirvana)

#906.  The Big Lie (9 to 5 --- Dolly Parton)

#907.  Devin's A Liar (Heaven's On Fire --- Kiss)

#908.  Mark Meadows (No One Knows --- Queens Of The Stone Age)

#910.  Collusion (Confusion --- E.L.O.)

#911.  Dan Cox Zero (Juke Box Hero --- Foreigner)

#912.  Anthony Kern Is Slime (If I Could Turn Back Time --- Cher)

#914.  Senator Manchin (Blowin' In The Wind --- Bob Dylan)

#915.  She Is A Cunt Beth Van Duyne (I Heard It Through The Grapevine)

#917.  Have Yourself a Very Scary 1-6 (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas --- John Legend)

#918.  The Events Of 1-6 (No Presents For Christmas --- King Diamond)

#919.  The Sorrow Of Meadows (Tomorrow Never Knows --- Grateful Dead)

#920.  BYE-DEN (SAY10 --- Marilyn Manson)

#921.  Fuck Rick Perry (Voices Carry --- Til Tuesday)

#925.  Devin Nunes Army (Seven Nation Army --- Jack White)

#926.  Of Course (White Horse --- Laid Back)

#929.  Trump Ain't Great (Carole King --- It's Too Late)

#931.  Donald's Cock (Like A Rock --- Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band)

#932.  All I Want Is Justice For Trump (All I Want For Christmas Is You --- Mariah Carey)

#934.  Devin's Not Well (Heaven And Hell --- Ronnie James Dio)

#936.  Jim Crow (Hello --- Lionel Richie)

#937.  Mark Meadows (Heaven Knows --- Robert Plant)

#938.  Tim O'Hare (Save A Prayer --- Duran Duran)

#939.  Boebert For Me (Moron TV --- Primus)

#940.  He Will Fuck You (We Will Rock You --- Queen)

#941.  Bill Lee (Stone Free --- Jimi Hendrix)

#942.  Lee (Free --- Phish)

#943.  Boozman (Batman --- Voivod)

#944.  There's No Doubt He Is John James (Take Me Out To The Ball Game --- Jack Norworth & Albert Von Tilzer)

#945.  Do Juneau Mike? (I Ride My Bike --- Cracker)

#946.  Trump Likes Makin' Blood (Feel Like Makin' Love --- Bad Company)

#947.  Rosendale (Monorail --- The Simpsons)

#948.  John Gibbs (War Pigs --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#949.  Blood Insurrection (Love And Affection --- Def Leppard)

#950.  Kyle Rittenhouse (Burning Down The House --- Talking Heads)

#951.  Mayes (Maze --- Phish)

#953.  Mayes (Graze --- Live)

#954.  Trump's A Fucking Liar (Comin' Under Fire --- Def Leppard)

#955.  Lie When It's Legal (Fly Like An Eagle --- Steve Miller)

#956.  Mary Miller (Psyhco Killer --- Talking Heads)

#957.  Middleton (Black Hole Sun --- Soundgarden)

#958.  Miller's A Liar (Killer Of Giants --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#960.  Henry D. McMaster (Beautiful Disaster --- 311)

#962.  Journey Together (Happy Together --- Weezer)

#963.  Schmidt Is White (Hit The Lights --- Metallica)

#966.  Violent Fight (Holy Night --- The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square)

#967.  Donald Jr. (Way Cool Jr. --- Ratt)

#968.  We Don't Need No Tim O'Hare (I Don't Need No Rocking Chair --- George Jones) 

#970.  Fuck Donald Trump (You Think You're Tough --- Ratt)

#972.  Schmidt's An Asshat (Hit The Road Jack --- Ray Charles)

#973.  Insurrection (White, Discussion --- Live)

#974.  Senator Rounds (I'll Stick Around --- Foo Fighters)

#976.  Matt DePerno (The Muppet Show Theme Song --- Sam Pottle)

#977.  Wisconsin Johnson (Wisconsin Death Trip --- Static X)

#978.  Finchem (Red Rum --- The Shining)

#979.  Going To Mar-A-Lago (Going To California --- Led Zeppelin)

#980.  McCormick's Thing (Lunatic Fringe --- Tom Cochrane w/ Red Rider)

#981.  Jordan I Can't Stand (Burden In My Hand --- Soundgarden)

#982.  Gosar Is Gay (So Far Away --- Dire Straits)

#983.  Mike Rounds Senator (The Hounds Of Winter --- Sting)

#985.  Mike Crapo (I Don't Know --- Ozzy)

#986.  Mike Crapo (Even Flow --- Pearl Jam)

#987.  Flying High Again (Lying I Defend --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#988.  Jody Hice (Sacrifice --- Elton John)

#989.  Ronny Jackson (Satisfaction --- Rolling Stones)

#990.  Q Syndrome Stewart Rhodes (Take Me Home Country Roads --- John Denver)

#991.  Mr. Hoadley (Mr. Crowley --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#992.  Fuck Michael Cloud (Shout It Out Loud --- Kiss)

#993.  Diaz-Balart (Kickstart My Heart --- Motley Crue)

#995.  Ducey Fucking Broke Her Hymen (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds --- The Beatles)

#999.  Let's Go Brandon (I'm Still Standing --- Elton John)

#1001.  Dave Perdue (Peek-A-Boo --- DEVO)

#1002.  Senator Thune (Romeo's Tune --- Steve Forbert)

#1003.  Cornyn's Gay (One Fine Day --- The Chiffons)

#1004.  Sam DeMarco (The Black Widow --- Alice Cooper)

#1005.  Davidson (War Begun --- My Morning Jacket)

#1006.  He's Warren Davidson (It's Only Just Begun --- The Carpenters)

#1008.  Jones (Bones --- Radiohead)

#1010.  The Orange Prolapse Clown, Donald Trump (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue --- Grateful Dead)

#1011.  Donald's A Clown (To Lay Me Down --- Grateful Dead)

#1012.  Donald's A Liar (I Know You Rider --- Grateful Dead)

#1013.  Geoff Diehl (The Wheel --- Grateful Dead)

#1014.  Tennessee Lee (Tennessee Jed --- Grateful Dead)

#1015.  Warren Davidson (When The Sun Goes Down --- Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker)

#1016.  Donald Is Gay (Help On The Way --- Grateful Dead)

#1017.  Somebody Save Me (Governor Bill Lee --- Cinderella)

#1018.  Budd Is A Liar (Mud On The Tires --- Brad Paisley)

#1019.  A Coup D'etat (Breaking The Law --- Judas Priest)

#1021.  Bill Lee (Shake Me --- Cinderella)

#1022.  Trump Is Not White (Big City Nights --- Scorpions)

#1023.  Long The Big Lie (Long Slow Goodbye --- Queens Of The Stone Age)

#1031.  Russell Fry (Private Eyes --- Hall & Oats)

#1033.  We're Sending Mike Pence Straight To Hell (We're Sending Our Love Down The Well --- The Simpsons)

#1034.  Lisa McClain (Mistress Of Pain --- Death Angel)

#1035.  Senator Thune (Picasso Moon --- Grateful Dead)

#1036.  Madison Cawthorn (Darlington County --- Bruce Springsteen)

#1037.  Bannon's A Cunt (Band On The Run --- Paul McCartney)

#1039.  Stop The Steal (Seal The Deal --- Volbeat)

#1040.  A Fat Orange Clown (I Won't Back Down --- Tom Petty)

#1041.  Tenney's Full Of Bullshit (Any Way You Want It --- Journey)

#1042.  Donald Trump's A Cunt ('Til The Morning Comes --- Grateful Dead)

#1043.  Donald Trump's A Liar (Set The World Afire --- Megadeth)

#1045.  Donald Trump Is To Blame (Where The Streets Have No Name --- U2)

#1046.  Palin (Lemon --- U2)

#1047.  Palin (Woman --- John Lennon)

#1048.  Kennedy (Faithfully --- Journey)

#1049.  Finchem (Wisdom --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)

#1053.  Beat Peters (Sweet Cheater --- Ratt)

#1054.  Jody Hice (Sacrifice --- Weezer)

#1055.  Georgia's Jody (David Bowie --- Phish)

#1056.  Donald (Fluffhead --- Phish)

#1057.  Granger's Bone (Danger Zone --- The Ramones)

#1058.  Babin's A Dildo (Cabin Down Below --- Tom Petty)

#1059.  Donald's Mother (Wolfman's Brother --- Phish)

#1060.  Lack Of Administration (Lack Of Communication --- Ratt)

#1061.  CPAC (Get Back --- Paul McCartney)

#1062.  Long Is A Cunt (Long May You Run --- Neil Young)

#1063.  Donald Trump Can Go To Hell (Like To Get To Know You Well --- Howard Jones)

#1064.  Scott Is A Jerk (Shot In The Dark --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#1066.  Dr. Crowley (Mr. Crowley --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#1067.  CPAC! (Attack! --- Agnostic Front)

#1069.  Steve Toth (The Sloth --- Phish)

#1070.  Rick Scott (Red Hot -- Motley Crue)

#1071.  Donald Has A Wife (Attics Of My Life --- Grateful Dead)

#1072.  Babin (Blackened --- Metallica)

#1074.  Paul's A Fucking Rand (Playing In The Band --- Grateful Dead)

#1075.  Troy Nehls (Hells Bells --- AC/DC)

#1076.  The Treason (The Reason --- Son Volt)

#1077. Bob Good's Romancing (You Should Be Dancing --- Bee Gees)

#1078.  Dead From Covid (Dead & Bloated --- Stone Temple Pilots)

#1079.  'Lection Was A Big Lie (Nothin' But A Good Time --- Poison)

#1080.  Fox (Clocks --- Coldplay)

#1081.  Fox News (Fix You --- Coldplay)

#1082.  Enemies (Memories --- Weezer)

#1083.  Donald Has Lost (Deny The Cross --- Overkill)

#1084.  Die Donald Trump's Absurd (Fly Famous Mockingbird --- Phish)

#1086.  Ashley Moody (Heavy Duty --- Judas Priest)

#1087.  Black Stupid N-Word (Black Muddy River --- Grateful Dead)

#1088.  Donald Trump's Gay (One Of These Days --- Pink Floyd)

#1090.  Jimmy Loves Porn (Jimmy Crack Corn --- Virginia Minstrels)

#1091.  Blow Jimmy (Row Jimmy --- Grateful Dead)

#1092.  Fry's An Illegal (Fly Like An Eagle --- Steve Miller)

#1093.  Fry (Fly --- Sugar Ray)

#1094.  Ashley Moody (Tutti Frutti --- Little Richard)

#1095.  Shut The Fuck Up (Movin' On Up ---  Ja'Net Dubois)

#1096.  Donald The Cunt  (Sanford & Son --- Quincy Jones)

#1097.  Small Vos Man (Big Boss Man --- Grateful Dead)

#1098.  Donald Trumper (Turbo Lover --- Judas Priest)

#1099.  Ashley Moody (Heavy Duty --- Spinal Tap)

#1100.  Trump was 45 (Stars On 45 --- Stars On 45)

#1101.  Donald Stormy (Rock Hard Ride Free --- Judas Priest)

#1102.  The Kush (The Kiss --- The Cure)

#1103.  Huizenga!  (Bazinga! --- Big Bang Theory)

#1104.  Witt Fuck (Shit Luck --- Modest Mouse)

#1106.  Witt Clown (Shit Towne --- Live)

#1107.  Patrick J. Witt (Into The Pit --- Testament)

#1108.  Hines's Wife (Signs of Life --- Pink Floyd)

#1109.  Watters Loves To Lie (Water In The Sky --- Phish)

#1110.  MAGA Is Red (I Love The Dead --- Alice Cooper)

#1112.  Joyce Is Scary (Voices Is Carry --- 'Til Tuesday)

#1113.  Josh Mandel (Go To Hell --- Alice Cooper)

#1114.  Bo Hines (Outshined --- Soundgarden)

#1115.  Fuck Jesse Watters (Smoke On The Water --- Deep Purple)

#1116.  Nose Grows (Dope Nose --- Weezer)

#1117.  Luther Is Strange (People Are Strange --- The Doors)

#1118.  John Gordon (Five To One --- The Doors)

#1119.  Fortenberry Loves The Big Lie (Ordinary Average Guy --- Joe Walsh)

#1120.  Hice Team (Nice Dream --- Radiohead)

#1121.  Cunt Loves Forty Five, Dollar Signs/Ginni (867-5309/Jenny --- Tommy Tutone)

#1125.  Good Golly Josh Hawley (Good Golly Miss Molly --- Little Richard)

#1129.  Donald Trump (Booneville Stomp --- Primus)

#1136.  Donald (Epic --- Faith No More)

#1137.  Penis (Venus --- Bananarama)

#1138. Donald Trump Is Gay (Dance The Night Away --- Van Halen)

#1139.  I'll Hate (I'll Wait --- Van Halen)

#1140.  Sarah Palin (Am I Evil? --- Metallica

#1141.  Jew (You --- Radiohead)

#1142. Senator Rand (Uncle John's Band --- Grateful Dead)

#1143.  Scavino Drama (Radio Ga Ga --- Queen)

#1144.  Cotton Is A Whore (Rotten To The Core --- Overkill)

#1145.  Fake Shit For You (Make It Wit Chu --- Queens Of The Stone Age)

#1146.  John James Is Gay (Games People Play --- Alan Parsons Project)

#1147.  John James (Freeze Frame --- J. Geils Band)

#1148.  Mast's A Mess (Last Caress --- Metallica)

#1149.  Kat Deceiver (Cat Scratch Fever --- Ted Nugent)

#1150.  Gay Kat Slut (Stray Cat Strut --- Stray Cats)

#1151.  Jane's Red (Jane Says --- Jane's Addiction)

#1152.  Trumpin' U.S.A. (Surfin' U.S.A. --- The Beach Boys)

#1153.  Imagine (Imagine --- Julian Lennon)

#1156.  McSwain (Cocaine --- Eric Clapton)

#1158.  Donald's A Liar (Girl On Fire --- Alicia Keys)

#1160.  Jokin' With Putin (Smokin From Shootin --- My Morning Jacket)

#1162.  Kennedy (Remedy --- The Black Crowes)

#1163.  VEEP (Creep --- Radiohead)

#1165.  Donald Isn't White (Couldn't Get It Right --- Climax Blues Band)

#1167.  Palin (Sailing --- Christopher Cross)

#1168.  On Her Knees (Seas of Cheese --- Primus)

#1169.  Mar-a-Lago (Desperado --- The Eagles)

#1170.  Scott Pruitt (Hot Rockin' --- Judas Priest)

#1171.  That Donald's A Lyin' Clown (Stop Draggin' My Heart Around --- Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty)

#1173.  45 Beckons For Your Money (45 Seconds Of Ecstasy --- Susan Wood)

#1175.  Herbster's A Cunt (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)

#1176.  Kathryn Mizelle (See You In Hell --- Grim Reaper)

#1177.  Norman (Woman --- John Lennon)

#1179.  Kathryn Mizelle (Rock You To Hell --- Grim Reaper)

#1180.  Ron DeSantis (Pocahantos --- Neil Young)

#1183.  J.D. Vance Is A Cunt That's Right (Everybody Have Fun Tonight --- Wang Chung)

#1184.  Masters The Dumbshit (Master Of Puppets --- Metallica)

#1185.  Frank LaRose (No One Knows --- Queens Of The Stone Age)

#1186.  Carey Is A Hated Cunt (Carry On Wayward Son --- Kansas)

#1187.  Chabot (Habit --- Pearl Jam)

#1188.  Meet Randy Fine (Sweet Caroline --- Neil Diamond)

#1189.  Bill Johnson Song (The Wanton Song --- Led Zeppelin)

#1190.  Steve (Breathe --- Pink Floyd)

#1191.  Michael Carey (Mr. Scary --- Dokken)

#1192.  Carey Of Hate (Carry That Weight --- The Beatles)

#1194.  He's A Faggot Brad Wenstrup (Never Gonna Give You Up --- Rick Astley)

#1196.  Stormy's Chest (We Are Blest --- Tammy Faye Baker)

#1197.  Steve Chabot (Bad Habits --- David Lee Roth)

#1198.  Dear Mike Carey (Dear Rosemary --- Foo Fighters)

#1199.  Mr. Carey (Dr. Scary --- Dokken)
#1200.  Fuck J.D. Vance (Give Peace A Chance --- John Lennon)
#1202.  Wild Troy (Wild Boys --- Duran Duran)
#1203.  Yost (Ghost --- Phish)

#1204.  Yost Fucker! (Ghostbusters! --- Ray Parker Jr.)

#1205.  All Spartz (Doll Parts --- Hole)

#1208.  Conway's Unwell (Highway To Hell --- AC/DC)

#1209.  Conway Malign (Good Day Sunshine --- The Beatles)

#1210.  Connie Bloody Conway (Sunday Bloody Sunday --- U2)

#1211.  Why Did Jim Baird Fuck You (I Never Cared For You --- Willie Nelson)

#1212.  What If Mehmet Oz Commits Treason (To Defy The Laws Of Tradition --- Primus)

#1213.  Troy Is A Girl (Joy To he World --- Charlie Daniels Band)

#1214.  Jake Evans The Cunt (Ten Seconds To Love --- Motley Crue)

#1215.  Vernon Jones (Game Of Thrones - Ramin Djawadi)

#1217.  Majewski's Asinine (Nobody's Fault But Mine - Black Crowes)

#1218.  Go Fuck Yourself Today (God Bless The U.S.A. --- Lee Greenwood)

#1220.  He's Kevin Cabrera (Tea In The Sahara --- The Police)

#1221.  Donald Was 45 (Polkas on 45 --- Weird Al Yankovic)

#1222.  The Bullshit of Mike McCaul (Cigarettes and Alcohol --- Oasis)

#1223.  Gangbang Steube (Hang On Sloopy --- The McCoys)

#1224.  Fund Raising Mace (Amazing Grace --- Aretha Franklin) 

#1225.  James Comer (October --- U2)

#1226.  A.C.B. (T.N.T. --- AC/DC)

#1227.  Andy Barr (Drive My Car --- Paul McCartney)

#1228.  Fuck You I'm Lloyd Smucker (Hello From The Gutter --- Overkill)

#1229.  Perry (Very --- Moby)

#1230.  Mike McCaul (Cannonball --- The Breeders)

#1231.  Scott Perry's Asshole Is Queer (It Was A Very Good Year --- Frank Sinatra)

#1232.  Reschenthaler (Midnight Rider --- Allman Brothers)

#1233.  Pete Ricketts To Sacrifice (Two Tickets To Paradise --- Eddie Money)

#1234.  Trump Has A Tiny Bone (You'll Never Walk Alone --- Mark Madden)

#1235.  Kiley's Seditious (Highly Suspicious --- My Morning Jacket)

#1236.  Kathy Barnette (Sunrise, Sunset --- Fiddler On The Roof)

#1237.  Mastriano (Sweet Potato --- Cracker)

#1238.  Here Cums Ted Budd (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)

#1239.  Perdue's A Liar (Into The Fire --- Dokken)

#1240.  Perdue's Campaign Is Broken (Into The Great Wide Open --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

#1241.  Sandy (Mandy --- Barry Manilow)

#1242.  Trump Is A Liar (Jump In The Fire --- Metallica)

#1243.  Kleefisch (Wishlist --- Pearl Jam)

#1244.  Bishop (Whip It --- DEVO)

#1245.  Cline's Outta Line (Time Outta Mind --- Steely Dan)

#1246.  Ben Cline's Gay (One Fine Day --- The Chiffons)

 #1247.  Asshole Of Barry Moore (Knockin' On Heaven's Door)

#1248.  Moore's Unappealing (More Than A Feeling) 

#1249.  Moore Is Fucking Gay (More Than I Can Say --- Leo Sayer)

#1250.  Cline (Time --- Pink Floyd) 

#1251.  Ivanka Trump Was A Whore (Let My Love Open The Door --- Pete Townshend)

#1252.  Buddy Carter (Buddy Holly --- Weezer)

#1253.  Jared Kushner's A Whore (Lookin' Out My Back Door --- John Fogerty)

#1254.  Burton Jones (Casey Jones --- Grateful Dead)

#1255.  Cline Should Really Die (Time For Me To Fly --- REO Speedwagon)

#1256.  Learn Fake News (Turn Me Loose --- Loverboy)

#1257.  Walker (Rocker --- AC/DC)

#1258.  Mastriano (Desperado --- The Eagles)

#1259.  Trump Annoys (Thank You Boys --- Jane's Addiction)

#1260.  Eathorne (Reborn --- Slayer)

#1261.  Mike Lee (Love Street --- The Doors)

#1262.  Fry Wants To Fuck You (Why Can't I Be You? --- The Cure)

#1263.  Russell Fry's Depends (Why Can't We Be Friends? --- WAR)

#1264.  Russell Fry (Frizzle Fry --- Primus)

#1265.  Mehmet Oz (Gods Of Wrath --- Metal Church)