Monday, July 04, 2022

#1320. Kristina Blackout

Trump recently endorsed a black female for Michigan Secretary of State.  She's all on board the Trump Train.  Choo Choo!  Could be worse I suppose.  What if she was Jewish?  Jew Jew!

Kristina Kamaro seems to enjoy the Orange Prolapse's company.

Ah yes, the one who referred to legal abortion as "satanic child sacrifice."

Win or lose... she could be Trump's first ever female house... 

'Cause you know, that whole saga with Omerosa did not end well.


Kristina Black Out

1-6 is about
‘Cause MAGA’s never dead
Fucking cunt
Michigan’s a swing state
in play
Votes only
For The Donald to win
And sin
Kristina’s blackout
The big lie’s a big con
Kris Kamaro
She is gay
She’ll fuck ya
Her asshole’s
in play

The Sun Will Come Out

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!
When I'm stuck with a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,
The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
I love ya
You're always
A day
A way!


I opted for a karaoke version this time.  Consider it an aversion to frizzy freckled ginger girls.  It's also the reason I no longer eat lunch at Wendy's.

I actually saw Annie on Broadway when I was a little kid.  No joke. 

Believe it or  not, this is my second parody of Little Orphan Annie's triumphant classic.  Last year, I wrote #742.  "Subpeona No Doubt".  It's about the Orange Prolapse's social media guru. Some kind of self-proclaimed cyber-intestinal expert.  Anyhoo, it was about Dan Scavino.

He's got that odd quality for a high profile social media consultant.  

Cross-eyed consternation.  Uh, not a good look

The Big Lie 100: (#496) 

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#1320.  Kristina Blackout (The Sun Will Come Out --- Annie)

Please do not share this material with former Kristina Kamaro and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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