Monday, July 11, 2022

#1336. Hal Rogers, Fat Fuck

Just what Congress needs.  Another old white man from Kentucky.

Hal Rogers has served in the House of Representatives since 1981.  That's 21 consecutive terms.

Naturally, Rogers "earned" an endorsement from the Orange Prolapse.


Truth be told, Rogers is not morbidly obese.  My other viable option was to title this song "Hal Rogers, The Cunt."  I went with my second choice "Fat Fuck" because it lent itself to the McDonald's-inspired closing sentiment.


Hal Rogers, Fat Fuck

Big lie fraud, coup was so wild
Stormy D’s tits defiled
The Orange Prolapse fought load of crap
Asshole’s wrong schmear of the pap
MAGA is red so’s the big lie
Right to choose is what you deny
Bad turn going to hell
It’s all just a game of show and tell

Trump has a tiny bone and Stormy was her name
Used to tweet from his phone reeking havoc and shame
The criminal dealings flood of blood because he’s pissed
The time for aborting has come if you are a whore

Hal Rogers, fat fuck
F’in a Republicunt
That Donald Trump was born to lose
‘Cause he never paid his dues
Hal Rogers, fat fuck
Kentucky isn’t fun
Ivanka’s a …whore
Ivanka’s a, a whore!

Have you heard the fake news when Donald is around
Ivanka is a whore and daddy is a clown
Maybe he’s gay homo we will defend
His Orange Prolapse breath and dope ass won’t relent

Nothing is real Joe Biden isn’t old
Donald will cum a Trumping overload
Melania’s shit a porn star for a wife
McDonald’s weight gain cholesterol his life


Like Father, Like Son

Spare the rod, spoil the child
Daddy's boy's been too wild
His discipline's taught with a strap
No sweet song on father's lap
He always said that men don't cry
But burns and bruises seldom lie
Dad learned his lesson well
Spitting image of a man in hell

Brought up in a home where love's replaced by pain
And when he's on his own he's sure to do the same
Expressing his feelings not with love but with his fists
The pattern of hurting began generations before

Like father, like son
Another life has begun
The punishing ways that you choose
You were always born to lose
Like father, like son
A war you've never won
Please Daddy, no more...
Please Daddy, no more!

The circle continues of violence passed down
All there is hope for is a tear from a clown
Hoping someday that this torture will end
To prison or death I hope you will be sent

Now do you feel like your life is on hold?
Maybe you've come to the end of your road
Admitting your sins may be your sacrifice
To stop all this pain to your son and your wife


Great tune. Pure Exodus.  We just saw them at Stage AE.  We were on the edge of the pit... and got what we deserved.  Some metal fuck slammed into me leading to a human cascade effect.  Mason hit the floor but quickly rebounded.  Suffice to say, we decided to take up a new position a little further from the action. 


4-24-89, Hara Arena, Dayton, OH (triple bill with Helloween and Anthrax)

6-15-89, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH (Rice-a-Roni did a back flip off the stage... beyond the masses... and landed on the floor.  #BackInjury)

5-9-22, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA (sandwiched between Death Angel and Testament)

The Big Lie 100: (#512) 

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#1326.  Hern's The Fuck To Blame (Burning Like A Flame --- Dokken)

#1328.  Donald Trump's A Piece Of Shit (I'm A Little Rocket Ship --- Cracker)

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#1333.  Donald Trump Is Fucking Gay (Living In The U.S.A. --- Steve Miller)

#1334.  Nunn (One --- Metallica)

#1335.  Cline (Time --- Alan Parsons Project)

#1336.  Hal Rogers, Fat Fuck (Like Father, Like Son --- Exodus)

Please do not share this material with Hal Rogers (R-KY) and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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