Friday, October 08, 2021

#737. Poison Ivey? You're Fucked!

I started writing this one about a week ago.  But it was relatively uninspired.  So for a week, it just sat in my faux-military U.S. Army/Korean war backpack (circa AE).

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is running for re-election... such a tender lickin' spring chicken.


Ivey forcefully responded.  “You bet I’m standing in the way.  And if he thinks he’s going to move me out of the way, he’s got another thing coming.  I’m standing as strong as a bull for Alabama against this outrageous Washington overreach.  Bring it on!"  

Damn!  Or should I say golly gee willikers.  That Ivey is one tough lady.

Kay Ivey doesn't like vaccine mandates.  So much so, that she's using federal money designated for battling Covid... and spending it to build state prisons.  Of course, she omits one tiny detail.  The fact that she got both shots and even the booster when it became available (fortunately for her, the booster can be administered to any sitting governor who has reached the century mark).

Here's my proposal for every Democrat and Independent voter in the state of Alabama.  Since Ivey is committed to the suffering and murder of her fellow Alabamians, by redirecting critical federal health care dollars... Herewith,  I would strongly encourage voters to refer to this aging cunt as "Poison Ivey."

It's an obvious take on the evil villain "Poison Ivy" played by actress Uma Thurman.

Poison Ivey?  You’re Fucked!

Sorry Love.  You’re plucked!
Batman & Robin (1997)


Obviously, I chose the easiest line from the movie.  But she has 14 other memorable quotes.  Bring it on!

Never saw the movie.  Fun fact for ya:  I've never watched any of the Batman movies all the way through.  Just blips and clips.  Out of all of 'em, my favorite superhero is the more obscure Samurai.

As a little kid, I had this unusual fascination with his ability to control the wind.  Whipping up these mini-tornadoes, typhoons, and miscellaneous weather-related phenomena.  Zephyrs, haboobs, 'n shit.  His mode of transportation was a magic carpet.

Please do not share this material with Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL).

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