Sunday, October 03, 2021

#725. Strategic Warning

Mason and I went to our first movie since Covid hit.  First time in the Mount Lebanaon Galleria.  Nice place.  But I really don't care for the snarling, disjointed traffic of South Hills.  Never have.  Yellow Belt my ass.


Great story lines --- learning that Dickie Multisanti killed his father and drowned his wife.  Didn't see that coming.  And it was Uncle Junior who ordered the hit on Dickie Multisanti?  WTF!  

Also liked the subtle references to Holstens and Bamberger's.

I enjoyed the exploration and portrayal of racial tensions in Newark back in the late 60's.  Great underlying theme.  

Thought the characters were fantastic.  Although the mannerisms of a young Silvio seemed a bit excessive.  Uncle Jew was spot-on... your sister's cunt.  Saw the bullet going through Livia's beehive hairdo coming a mile away... oh, go on.  James Gandolfini's son was exceptional.  Although I was hoping they'd do a flashback of Tony and "his crew" taking down Feech LaMana's card game.  Also thought they'd show the murder of the bookie Willie Overalls.  Perhaps in a sequel.

But the ultimate test for any movie is would I watch it again.  The answer being yes.  But I wouldn't go out of my way.  I'll wait for it to show up on the HBO channels.  Keep in mind, The Sopranos is easily hands down my favorite dramatic series of all-time.  Nothing else even comes close.

Anyhoo, here's a Trumpified re-imagining of the notorious Sopranos theme song.  

Dedicated to the Orange Prolapse.  2024, eh?




Strategic Warning

A strategic warning, Donald Trump ain’t done
He’ll be spreading election lies just for fun
He says, "I am not done killing, the riot was just fine
You just gotta keep holding that line and keep tellin’ those big lies"

A strategic warning, more blood yet to come
The Donald wants to fuck you with a loaded gun
Not misunderstood, maybe, all Trump does is bitch and whine
(Fuckin’ bullshit)
You gotta hold that line and keep tellin’ those big lies

A strategic warning, from the orange prolapsin’ clown
Thinks it’s all a game handin’ out nervous breakdowns
Because he’s not done killing, it’s insurrection time
You gotta hold that line and keep tellin’ those big lies


Woke Up This Morning
Alabama 3 (Sopranos theme)

You woke up this morning, got yourself a gun
Mama always said you'd be the chosen one
She said, "You're one in a million, you've got to burn to shine
But you were born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes"

You woke up this morning, all the love has gone
Your papa never told you about right and wrong
But you're looking good, baby, I believe you're feeling fine
(Shame about it)
Born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes

You woke up this morning, the world turned upside down
Thing's ain't been the same since the blues walked into town
But you're one in a million, you've got that shotgun shine
Born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes

The Big Lie 100: (#79)

#390.  Big Lie (Free Ride --- Edgar Winter)

#487.  Donald's Big Lie (Mr. Blue Sky --- E.L.O.)

#495.  American Lie (American Pie --- Don McLean)

#520.  The Big Lie (When Doves Cry --- Prince)

#530.  Big Lie (High Time --- Grateful Dead)

#545.  Big Lie (Goodbye --- Night Ranger)

#548.  Trump World's, Big Lie (Big Girls, Don't Cry --- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)  

#549.  All A Big Lie (Live And Let Die --- Paul McCartney)

#550.  Would Trump Lie To You (Would I Lie To You --- Annie Lennox)

#552.  Big Liar (Big Spender --- Shirley Bassey)
#553.  Big Lie (Big Me --- Foo Fighters)

#555.  The Big Lie (Let Her Cry --- Hootie And The Blowfish)

#557.  Big Lie (Big Love --- Fleetwood Mac)

#559.  Big Lies (Big Balls --- AC/DC)

#561.  The Big Lie (Aces High --- Iron Maiden)

#562.  Big Lie Trump Overload (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road --- Elton John)

#563.  Byrne's A Bitch (Burn The Witch --- Radiohead)

#564.  As The World Byrnes (As The World Burns --- Kreator)

#565.  Lie (Cry --- Godley and Creme)

#567.  Byrne In Hell (Burn In Hell --- Twisted Sister) 

#571.  He's A Scrotum The Big Lie (I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry --- Hank Williams)

#594.  Lie Lie You Trumpers (Die Die My Darling --- Metallica)

#595.  To Live Is To Lie (To Live Is To Die --- Metallica) 
#596.  Don't Lie (Don't Cry --- Guns'n'Roses)

#597.  Big Lie (Big Time --- Peter Gabriel)

#601.  Lies (Lies --- Thompson Twins)

#602.  Liar (Liar --- Three Dog Night)

#606.  Lie Free-For-All (Fly On The Wall --- AC/DC)

#609.  Big Liar (Big River --- Grateful Dead)

#616.  Jeffrey Clark (Rosa Parks --- OutKast)

#626.  So Great At Big Lies (Too Late For Goodbyes --- Julian Lennon)

#627.  Liar (Liar --- Henry Rollins)

#630.  Lie!  Lie! (Why?!  Why?! --- Nancy Kerrigan)

#632.  Fucked Up Lie (Custard Pie --- Led Zeppelin)

#633.  Tommy (Zombie --- The Cranberries)

#636.  Everybody Blows (Justice League Soundtrack --- Sigrid)

#639.  Orange Clown (Small Town --- John Cougar Mellencamp)

#640.  Be Unforgiving And Never Stop Lying (Shawshank Redemption --- Morgan Freeman / Tim Robbins)

#643.  Stampede (Candide --- Leonard Bernstein)

#651.  It's The Big Lie (Electric Eye --- Judas Priest)

#653.  Who Killed Ashli Babbitt (Who Killed Roger Rabbit --- Robert Zemekis)

#656.  Dush (Hush --- Deep Purple)

#657.  Dush (Plush --- Stone Temple Pilots)

#658.  Gonna Rock The Vote (Evil Little Goat --- Pearl Jam)

#659.  Trump's An Asshole (Get In The Hole --- generic dumbshit golf enthusiast)

#660.  Trump's A Clown (Lay It Down --- Ratt)

#661.  Between The Lies (Between The Eyes --- Ratt)

#663.  Lies Of The World (Eyes Of The World --- Grateful Dead)

#667.  Hole Jim Jordan (Beast of Burden --- Rolling Stones)

#670.  Sean Parnell (Go To Hell --- Alice Cooper)

#671.  Patrick (Magic --- Olivia Newton-John)

#673.  Sidney Implants (Breast Implants --- women w/ fake titties)

#674.  We Abhor Sidney (Eleanor Rigby --- Paul McCartney)

#675.  Trust Us on J6 (Justice for J6 )

#676.  Fuck Lin Wood (Amii Stewart --- Knock On Wood)

#677.  Lincoln Wood (If I Could --- Phish)

#678.  Burt Jones (Them Bones --- Alice in Chains)

#679.  Harriet's A Liar (Chariots of Fire --- Vangelis)

#680.  Trump's A Liar (Light My Fire --- The Doors)

#681.  Liar  (Fire --- Jimi Hendrix)

#682.  Lee (Tea --- King Diamond)

#683.  Fuck You Michael Cloud (Get Off Of My Cloud --- Rolling Stones)

#684.  Disunion Forever (The Union Forever --- Sergeant Richard Pickman)

#688.  Fuck You Lou (Love Me Do --- The Beatles)

#690.  Say No Thanks, 'Cause Trump Is A Crook And... (Ball Park Franks slogan)  

#691.  Barletta Theme Song (Baretta Theme Song --- Sammy Davis Jr.)

#693.  Justice For Gay Pricks (Justice for J-6 --- Matt Braynard)

#694.  Marco... Homo (Marco... Polo --- unknown)

#699.  Kent Is A Woman (Scent Of A Woman --- Seinfeld)

#700.  GOP (Can't You See --- Marshall Tucker Band) 

#701.  So Contradictory, Matt DePerno (Nestle --- It's Not Delivery, It's DiGiorno)

#702.  Ellis Lie (Jealous Guy --- John Lennon)

#708.  Orange Prolapsin' (Sister Christian --- Night Ranger)

#709.  Burt (Hurt --- Nine Inch Nails)

#713.  Bad Thune Lying (Bad Moon Rising --- John Fogerty)

#719.  Donald Trumper Lies (Bette Davis Eyes --- Kim Carnes)

#722.  Jody Hice (Paradise --- Coldplay)

#723.  Liar (Liar --- Sex Pistols)

#725.  Strategic Warning (Woke Up This Morning --- Alabama 3)

Please do not share this material with any cast members of The Many Saints of Newark, The Sopranos, and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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