Wednesday, October 27, 2021

#792. Glenn Youngkin

With the race for the Virginia Governor's mansion hanging in the balance, most of the credible polls say it's a statistical dead heat (within the margin of error).  While that may be true, the only error would be to elect a pro-life, pro-gun, election rigging, hedge fund managing, critical racing fucked up piece of shit... like Glenn Youngkin.

If Youngkin actually won, it'd be pretty comical.  Because it would send a "clearly mixed" message, that in the purple states and toss-up swing districts, the best course of action is to distance yourself from the Orange Prolapse.  This would make the 2022 midtems vastly more intriguing.  Imagine Trump, a total laughingstock, desperately trying to weigh-in and take credit... but getting flat-out rejected by Republican candidates in the most vital states and congressional districts.

Makes me think that Trump's ultimate play might be to ditch the Republican party and run as an Independent in 2024.  Totally fits his narrative of how all of those Republican RINOs weren't willing to make America GREAT again... again... and again... etc.  See, this way he gets his tour of vengeance.  And it really doesn't matter if he wins or loses.  His legacy lives in infamy.  And even though he'd likely finish a distant third, he would totally destroy the Republican party.  But he can still claim victory in the form of Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy payback while maintaining his cult-like following and remaining relevant.  If you think about it objectively, he's already laying the groundwork (raising the notion that Republican shouldn't go to the polls).

The only pic you'll ever see of Trump and Youngkin is a photo-shopped split screen.

But anyway...

Prediction: Terry McCaullife wins by 3 points (rounding up).  Exceeding expectations in Richmond and hotly contested Loudon County along the Maryland border.



Glenn Youngkin

Fuckin’ bitch he’s Glenn Youngkin
Skin so white no melanin
Election calamity
Orange Prolapsin’ wannabe


Mama Kin

Keep in touch with Mama Kin
Tell her where you've gone and been
Livin' out your fantasy
Sleepin' late and smokin' tea

7-20-88, Civic Center, Wheeling, WV
8-15-02, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
8-21-03, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
6-18-04, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

Rarely listen to Aerosmith these days.  But I do like the internet memes about Steven Tyler resembling everyone's outlandishly hip grandma.

Yeah, I know.  Only did the chorus.  Most of the lyrics trend early 70's gibberish.

Please do not share this material with Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.

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