Wednesday, October 20, 2021

#769. Hang Mike Lange

Last night was "Mike Lange Night" at PPG Paints Arena. 

A hard fought game ended 1-1 in regulation.  With the Dallas Stars getting the extra point in a shoot-out.  The weather was perfect so I zipped down to look at the human beings.

But the real story was a ragtag group of angry Dallas fans outside the arena chanting... "hang Mike Lange, hang Mike Lange!"


"Hang Mike Lange"

"Hang Mike Pence"
domestic terrorists

What a fucking disgrace.  Who the fuck were these imbeciles?  Although I must say, it's certainly in keeping with Texas political leadership.  People like Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and the rest of the Republican wack job legislature.  All of them disciples of the Orange Prolapse.

So Saf, what's your favorite Langism?  Probably "Call Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick."  Mostly because it serves as a steady reminder of my humble West Virginia roots.  Kayaking down Big Wheeling Crick and gettin' all fucked up.  I also enjoy the notion of a smiling dog, or a canine expressing some degree of joy and happiness.  Predicated solely on the occupation of his/her owner.  That being a butcher.  And of course, "Book 'em Danno."  Mostly because I have a good friend named Danno who despises the Penguins.

How many Penguins have I attended?  Far less than you'd think.  I could do a hard count, but instead I'll just hazard a guess.  I'd say about 10 at the Igloo.  And probably around 30-35 at PPG Paints.  Good times.  But Saf likes his sports outdoors.  Much in the same way that George likes his chicken spicy.  Kung Pao!

Please do not share this material with beloved Penguins announcer Mike Lange.

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