Saturday, October 30, 2021

#799. Roger Goodell

Here's a relatively disparaging article about Roger Goodell's outlandish compensation package.  

$128 million over the last 2 years!  Hey now!  That's way more than JuJu McShyster!

Truth be told, I have also written some "relatively disparaging" material about the NFL.  

Three books in total.



I sense a similarity of some sort.  But I just can't put my finger on it.

Any suggestions for a fourth "NFL" title?  I have a few ideas currently percolating.


Roger Goodell

Liberty Bell
The Simpsons


As punishment for the transgressions of Goodell (future, past and present), I hereby demand, that anytime-anywhere-anyone-anycunt invokes the name of Roger Goodell...  herewith, from this day forth, yinz shalt mimic the exaltations of Homer J. Simpson.  It is so decreed. (mark: 1:54)

Roger Goodell... Roger Goodell... (minimally convincing, extended pause)Yes!  Woohoo!  Roger Goodell!

Please do not share this material with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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