Friday, October 08, 2021

#738. Eat Shit Stitt

That feeling you get... when you realize your governor is a piece of shit.  Uh, behold the Republican Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt.

The Orange Prolapse and Stitt share a socially distanced laugh about the pandemic's impact on Oklahoma.

Ironically, a couple years ago, Oklahoma changed their state motto from "Labor Conquers All Things" to "In God We Trust."  Oh the failure of prayer.  Silly religious fanatic, Covid's for kids.

State Superintendent of Oklahoma Schools Joy Hofmeister is so displeased with Stitt's failure to address the pandemic that she decided to switch parties and run for Governor in 2022 as a Democrat.  

Hey, it's a daunting challenge in the buckle of the bible belt.  Home to the likes of faux-cowboys and Tulsa's Westboro Baptist Church.  A state that's historically blood red.

Some advice for the Hofmeister campaign.  At all future rallies, get the crowd going with an old school, West Virginia Mountaineer's chant.

Eat Shit Stitt

Eat Shit Pitt
WVU fans  

This begs the question.  Which team have I seen more of?  WVU at Mountaineer Field or Pitt at Heinz Field?  

I'd probably give the nod to Pitt games at Heinz Field.  But how many times have I witnessed the Backyard Brawl?  Basketball doesn't count.  Well, according to my records, it's a grand total of six.

Backyard Brawl:

8-31-96, Pitt Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA (WVU 31, Pitt 0)

11-15-03, Mountaineer Field, Morgantown, WV (WVU 52, Pitt 31)

11-25-04, Mountaineer Field, Morgantown, WV (Pitt 16, WVU 13)

11-24-05, Mountaineer Field, Morgantown, WV (WVU 45, Pitt 13)

11-16-06, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA (WVU 45, Pitt 27)

11-26-10, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA (WVU 35, Pitt 10)

So it appears that my all-time record is 5-1.  Fortunately, I skipped the big one in 2007 when the #2 Mountaineers lost their finale to Pitt 13-9 and got demoted from the National Championship.  They were 28.5 point favorites.  Ouch.  That one still hurts.  Kinda like the collegiate, regional equivalent of the Steelers home loss the Chargers in the 1994 AFC Championship at Three Rivers Stadium (17-13).  Didn't go to that one either.  However, I did pick my mom up at the Pittsburgh airport later that night.  Place was like a morgue. 

Please do not share this material with Joy Hofmeister and/or Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

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