Friday, October 15, 2021

#756. Undeserving, Kyrie Irving

" Kyrie Irving's Self-Pitying Refusal To Get Vaccinated Is Pathetic And Dangerous."  

That was the title of Eugene Robinson's latest editorial in the Washington Post.  The poor NBA Brooklyn Nets point guard, who has amassed over 150 million dollars during his career, feels as though he's being persecuted over his refusal to get the Covid vaccine.  Woe is he.

In other news, "Fuck Joe Biden" chants have erupted at college football games all over the country.   Don't believe me?  Well, Fox News is more than happy to conflate this manufactured phenomenon with the  Kaepernick kneeling fiasco and make it one of their top daily news stories.


Kinda surprised that Fox News hasn't stigmatized all vaccines.  Make taking any vaccine about patriotism, freedom and oppression. I mean, why not.

Of course, it could put a serious dent in their ratings.  You know... when viewers start dying in mass quantities.  But at the same time, such a move would certainly please the Orange Prolapse.  So you can plainly see the vexing conundrum faced by Rupert Murdoch.

So let us embrace the recent events surrounding Kyrie Irving and Joe Biden.  

My suggestion for all future Brooklyn Nets games at the Barclays Center and every NBA arena...



Undeserving, Kyrie Irving

Fuck Joe Biden
Fox News and imbecilic, asinine college football fans

Try it with the clapping progression in the middle.   Just to add a little extra emphasis and requisite pizazz.

Undeserving (clap clap, clap clap clap), Kyrie Irving

Surprisingly, I've only been to a single NBA game in my entire life.  Saw the Knicks win a blow-out at Madison Square Garden back in the late 70's.  The NBA should consider more 1970's styled-retro night promotions.  Fans would eat it up.  Think in terms of Soul Train but much funnier.  Why?  Because everyone in the arena is white.

Please do not share this material with Brooklyn Nets point guard and/or President Joe Biden.   

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