Thursday, October 28, 2021

#793. Rittenhouse

The trial for Kyle Rittenhouse got underway today.  


He was the 17 year old Trumping imbecile from Illinois who brought an AR-15 to a black lives matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Ended up getting in a scuffle.  Killed two protesters and severely injured another.

Judge Bruce Schroeder already made headlines and instructed the defense not to use the term "victims" when referring to the victims.  However, "rioters" and "looters" would be acceptable.  Although no such evidence exists of them having committed any rioting or looting.  You gotta wonder if the judge is related to Ricky Schroeder.  The former star of that imbecilic sitcom Silver Spoons put up "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to assist with Rittenhouse's bail which was set at 2 million.  Pure coincidence?  Hard to say.

Anyhoo, Rittenhouse, who's now 18, obviously had a case of "I'm going to be a hero" syndrome and "save the country-itis."  But when you look at the kid, he actually resembles Mighty Mouse.  Go figure.  Again, is it a coincidence?  This time, me thinks not.


Mighty Mouse
Paul Terry

“Smith & Wesson’s here to stay!”

“Here I come to save the day!”
Paul Terry

Never cared much for the vintage cartoon milieu.

Thirty years ago I knew this dude from Wheeling Island who lived above a bar called Mr. Z's.  One day, he got high and was watching the Betty Boop character... and laughing hysterically.  The mere notion that he found the cartoon to be that humorous... well I immediately terminated the friendship.  Seriously, what other choice did I have?

Please do not share this material with Kyle Rittenhouse and/or any of the deceased victim's family members from the 2020 Kenosha BLM protest.

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