Tuesday, June 01, 2021

#433. Netanyahoo

An unlikely coalition of the Israeli Knesset is trying to oust longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  So I figured out a strategic pathway forward for Bibi.  One that will help ward off his political enemies so he can retain power.

Witness Netanyahu's suspicion, apprehension, and reluctance.  Can't say I blame him.  Why would anyone wish to shake hands with a guy who's affectionately known as the Orange Prolapse? 

Anyhoo, it's called Marketing 101.  Simply create a fun-filled diversion and distraction.  Whenever anyone calls him out by name, encourage them to say...


From this point forward, Netanyahu would become more associated with amusement and entertainment.  Less about neo-conservative extremism and hawkish Zionism.  It'd be just enough of a personality shift. Specifically designed to appeal to the fastest growing segment of the population... the simple minded, the disinterested, the indifferent, the dumbshitted douchebag.  Hey, still plenty of Trumpers in Israel.  Most Jews liked it when they moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Does anyone remember the old search engines of the 90's?  Alta Vista?  Lycos?  Excite?  Webcrawler?  Netscape?  Infoseek?  Look Smart?  And my personal favorite... Ask Jeeves.  

As an ex-limo driver, I kinda like the idea of appealing to a "professional butler type" when making crucial online pornographic decisions.  Classes everything up a bit.

Please do not share this information with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former President Donald J. Trump, and/or anyone who's actually named Jeeves.

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