Sunday, June 13, 2021

#455. Joe's Manchin

One of the longest running jokes of the Orange Prolapse's administration was regarding infrastructure.  You see, every week was "infrastructure week"... for a duration of 4 years.  But nothing ever got done.  Mostly due to Trump's disinterest and partisan gridlock in the Senate.  Simply stated, sewers ain't sexy.

So now, Senator Joe Manchin's unwillingness to vote along with his fellow Democrats is driving the Biden administration to the brink of frustration and insanity.  It's being hailed as a failed "Joemance."  But there's nothing Joemantic about it.


Here's what's really happening.  Mitch McConnell is just trying to stall any significant legislation for as long as is humanly possible.  Why?  Because infrastructure delayed... is spending denied.  First, he sends in Senator Shelly Moore Capito to bargain in supposed bipartisan good faith.  That gobbled up a few weeks.  But then all the negotiations gradually and predictably collapsed.  They were just "too far apart" on the numbers.  Now, the Republicans are bringing in a few of the moderates (Romney, Collins, etc.) to negotiate again.  The gang of hate!  Rest assured, this one will get drawn out even longer.  But it won't get resolved.  Probably due to "irreconcilable legislative differences."  Another win for Mitch.  He's just gonna keep dangling excremental shit in incremental movements. 

If you're primary objective is to halt major legislation, it's not that difficult.  You simply run out the clock.  You simply drag everything out so it moves at the pace of a turtle.  Hence it becomes a mathematical function of Mitch.

So here's how you fight back.  Chuck Schumer needs to bring a ton of legislation to the floor and FORCE  his colleagues to vote.  To take a stand and reveal their true selves.  

Conventional political wisdom is that a majority leader would never bring a vote to the floor if he/she wasn't confident in a victory.  Remember Mitch's fiasco with the Obamacare repeal?

Mitch didn't have the votes.  And in the end, that's what it's all about.  The numbers.

And time.  If you're Biden, time is perhaps an even greater enemy.

In this day and age, Schumer needs to start bringing legislation to the floor and PUT EVERYONE ON THE RECORD.  It's not as much about a winning record these days.  It's more about perception, future campaign ads, and the next election cycle.  Gun background checks, abortion, Covid, tax cuts for billionaires, voting rights, internet access, whatever.  Time and time again, polling demonstrates that Democrats are the clear winner on the majority of these issues. 

So make these smarmy Republican Senators actually do their job... and vote... and answer to their constituents and the media.  No more cowardly dodging and elusive behavior.  Make the Republicans own their draconian positions and failed policies.    

And yeah, in the short term, Schumer will lose some clout and political capital.  But in the long term, if history is any indication, the Dems should make up for it in the mid-terms and in the future.  Hint: the long game.  If that means exposing a few pain in the ass, publicity mongering, attempted power brokering Democrats like Manchin and Sinema, well... so be it.


Joe's Manchin (instrumental)

Lang’s Mansion (instrumental)
Waylon Jennings
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