Friday, June 18, 2021

#464. He Isn't Good

You can't help but notice the "curious overlap" with House Republicans who voted against honoring the Capital Police.  The list consists of many of the same diehard Orange Prolapse adherents who voted against establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday.  Coincidentally, and accordingly, it seems as though I've already parodied several of these esteemed individuals.  And will continue to do so.

The 21 House Republicans who voted AGAINST members of law enforcement receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for defending the Capitol on 1-6. 

  1.  Lauren Boebert of Colorado
  2.  John Rose of Tennessee
  3.  Andy Harris of Maryland
  4.  Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  5.  Bob Good of Virginia
  6.  Louie Gohmert of Texas
  7.  Barry Moore of Alabama
  8.  Ralph Norman of South Carolina
  9.  Matt Rosendale of Montana
  10.  Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  11.  Chip Roy of Texas
  12.  Paul Gosar of Arizona 
  13.  Andy Biggs of Arizona
  14.  Warren Davidson of Ohio
  15.  Scott Perry of Pennsylvania 
  16.  Matt Gaetz of Florida 
  17.  Greg Steube of Florida
  18.  Andrew Clyde of Georgia
  19.  Jody Hice of Georgia 
  20.  Mary Miller of Illinois
  21.  Michael Cloud of Texas

 The 14 House Republicans who voted against establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

1.  Mo Brooks of Alabama
2.  Andy Biggs of Arizona
3.  Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee
4.  Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin
5.  Doug LaMalfa of California
6.  Mike Rogers of Alabama
7.  Ralph Norman of South Carolina
8.  Chip Roy of Texas
9.  Paul Gosar of Arizona
10.  Tom McClintock of California
11.  Matt Rosendale of Montana
12.  Ronny Jackson of Texas
13.  Thomas Massie of Kentucky
14.  Andrew Clyde of Georgia


Bob Good (R-VA).  His district includes "blood and soil" Charlottesville and Lynching-burg, Virginia.


He Isn’t Good

You cunt of the world
Naivete you’re in (urine) your pee
He blows with a boom
He is so bad he isn’t Good

A crackhead today
He doesn’t give a shit or a care
In this D.C. town
It’s the cops whom he doesn’t treat fair

Good thinks he’s a thug rampant with crime
He has no spine
The Orange Prolapse is turning bright red
Fake news instead

Supreme Court got Borked
Some years later I try not to laugh
Dildo he inserts it
To achieve an orgasmic path

And he is a joke sucking a bone
The seeds he’s sown
Virginia desire
He is so bad he isn’t Good

Norwegian Wood
The Beatles

I once had a girl
Or should I say she once had me
She showed me her room
Isn't it good Norwegian wood?

She asked me to stay
And she told me to sit anywhere
So I looked around
And I noticed there wasn't a chair

I sat on a rug biding my time
Drinking her wine
We talked until two and then she said
"It's time for bed"

She told me she worked
In the morning and started to laugh
I told her I didn't
And crawled off to sleep in the bath

And when I awoke I was alone
This bird had flown
So I lit a fire
Isn't it good Norwegian wood?


Paul McCartney:

2-12-90, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH

4–29-02, Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH

8-18-10, Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

7-7-14, Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Please do not share this material with House members of the Republican party.

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