Friday, June 25, 2021

#483. Stampede

Dozens of cows escaped their collective fate and broke loose from a slaughterhouse about 10 miles Southeast of Los Angeles.  They roamed the streets of the Pico Rivera neighborhood randomly entering and exiting people's backyards.  It's being hailed as the 2021 Bovine Breakout.  Local vendors made "There's The Beef" t-shirts commemorating the event and sold them accordingly.


One cow was executed mirroring the death of fallen police officer Brian Sicknick from the 1-6 artificially generated stampede on the U.S. Capitol.  Perhaps the Orange Prolapse and his family would consider selling limited edition "I Love Trump!  Sicknick was weak!  #BadCop" t-shirts.  Hey, if you can make a buck...  well, the bottom line speaks loudest.  Right?



Candede (overture)
Leonard Bernstein

Fittingly, there's a local Pittsburgh band named Stampede.  They're of the country/rock milieu.  

Never seen 'em.  But in the past, I did inadvertently tag them on facebook a few times with my stampede awareness prevention concerns.  Hint: Everyone has a cell phone.

Anyway, here's their tour dates.  

If you go see 'em, tell 'em AGSAF sent you.  

Hmm, maybe I could become their manager.  Or at the very least, a "country music rockin' sugar daddy" of some sort.  Dare to dream.

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