Monday, June 21, 2021

#473. Cole

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley is in the news.  He released a few tweets about his refusal to get the Covid vaccine.  Naturally the NFL is pissed off.  To the extent of the owners becoming a collective, trough-like urinal of sorts.  Ah yes, the pitfalls of free speech.  I know it well.

Diehard Trumper with a manbun declares he'd rather retire than get the Covid vaccine.

Let's see here.  5' 8" tall.  White kid with long blond hair.  Born in Houston.  Has 3 kids named Ace, Everett and Jovie.  Graduated from Southern Methodist University.  Drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.  Ends up in Western New York with the Buffalo Bills and an annual salary of 7.25 million.  

Kinda figures.  No "I" in team.  No "I" in Cole Beasley either.

So here's my idea.  Whenever Cole catches a pass, every Bills fan should seek out a complete stranger, get up in their grill and yell "Coleeeeeee !!!" in a manner similar to...

... for a bare minimum of 11 seconds (he's #11).  That could be Beasley's lasting legacy.  Not catches, touchdowns and fantasy stats.  But rather total strangers screaming at each other.  Spitting, salivating, recklessly spreading the China Virus.  Coleeee !!!

According to my records, I've only seen the Buffalo Bills twice.

9-16-07, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

11-10-13, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Please do not share this material with Cole Beasley.  Hey, it's Buffalo.  They'll choke (mark 1:23).  It's what they do.

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