Sunday, August 08, 2021

#589. Lamb On

Although I'm totally on board with Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D-PA), I must admit, it would be intriguing to watch a Pixburgh-styled rematch of Conor Lamb and Sean Parnell... but on a statewide level. 

Mostly because the Orange Prolapse would endorse Parnell... and likely lose... again.  However, it'd be a bonanza for Senator Bob Casey as he's longer be referred to as the "dullest" politician in the Keystone state.


Lamb On

Lamb on, Pennsylvania wait and see
Goon, he’s not gay, he’s not gay

But he’s cuming now, he’s cuming
But he’s cuming now, now, lady


Ram On
Paul & Linda McCartney

Ram on, give your heart to somebody
Soon, right away, right away

Who's that coming now, they're coming
Who's that coming now, now, baby? 

Paul McCartney:

2-12-90, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH

4–29-02, Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH

8-18-10, Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

7-7-14, Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA

I've never listened to this song.  And I have zero future intentions of hearing it whatsoever.

Please do not share this material with Conor Lamb (D-PA).


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