Thursday, August 26, 2021

#652. Oh (Gay Mo)

My 11th parody of riot inducer, domestic terrorist sympathizer, and general all-around cocksucker Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL). 

Fearless faggot is more like it.

Looks like the 1-6 House Investigation Committee will be issuing subpoenas to the wireless communication companies.  They want "hundreds" of phone records from members of Congress and other key figures who participated in the attempted coup.  In particular, those who just can't seem to remember if they spoke with the Orange Prolapse on the fateful day.

Watch 'em squirm.  And by the way, if I were on the 1-6 committee, I'd be floating the notion that some of the major instigators (Trump, Trump Jr. and his bizarro girlfriend, Mo Brooks, My Pillow Fuck) should be temporarily placed on the no-fly list for inciting a deadly political riot where scores of innocent people were killed and injured.  At least stick 'em on the list until everything gets sorted out in Congress.  Isn't that what the no-fly list is for anyway? 

Hey, the least you could do is try to keep that disgusting slob Giuliani out of the JFK airport Delta lounge.

Rudy publicly grooming himself.  Face!

Mo Brooks:

#218.  Everyday I Fight Mo Brooks (Everyday I Write The Book --- Elvis Costello)

#260.  They Hate Mo (I Don't Know --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#283.  Brooks That Kill (Looks That Kill --- Motley Crue)

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#522.  Let It Mo (Let It Go --- Def Leppard)

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#638.  Mo Brooks And His Skin (Blowin' In The Wind --- Bob Dylan)

#644.  Brooks Loves Blood (Book Of Blood --- Armored Saint)

#652.  Oh (Gay Mo) - (Snow (Hey Oh) --- Red Hot Chili Peppers)



Oh (Gay Mo)

Gay Mo
Christian he is gay, Mo
He is so gay Mo
Damn Christian he is gay, Mo

Snow (Hey Oh)
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hey oh
Listen what I say, oh
I got your hey oh
Now listen what I say, oh

This song is incapable of being parodied.  The rest of the lyrics are nonsensical gibberish.  So I just did the memorable chorus.

Since 1984, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have played Pittsburgh 14 times.  Never seen 'em.  I've always thought they were a tad overrated.  Not a big fan of their bass player Flea.  His existence bothers me.

Please do not share this material with Mo Brooks (R-AL).

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