Monday, August 23, 2021

#641. Angela West

Angela West was arrested for DUI Friday night.  Er uh, Saturday morning.  Her husband Allen West is a Republican candidate for Governor of Texas.

The lone star fanatic/lunatic immediately posted a bitter video railing against the Dallas/Ft. Worth police department.  Calling her arrest "insidious."  And claiming that she was only drinking lemonade at PF Changs.  

This is obviously a case of blue betrayal for black granny.  Gotta be a conspiratorial hit job.

As an African American of a Southern border state, and realizing that he must occupy the farthest right lane in the primary race against Trump sycophant Governor Greg Abbott, West knows he's gotta lean heavily into the upcoming 2022 immigration culture war.  That's his best pathway to an upset victory.  So naturally he's a major proponent of critical race theory.  

Hey, West knows that he must appeal to the freedom-facist, Orange Prolapse worshipers.  You know, the ones who adhere to the MAGA-hella-crazy shit.  Stuff like how the Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, etc.) didn't own slaves.  And even if they did just happen to accidentally own a few human beings (hundreds), that they were part of the "good and decent" slave owning faction.  Cuz, well, you know, all of the founding fathers were such great and wonderful people.

West is constantly on record for saying that America never has and will never be a racist nation.  Jesus fucking Christ!  Gimme a fucking break!  Take it from an atheist Jew of white privilege born and raised in Wheeling, WV.  Allen West is a mentally delusional Uncle Trump lap dog.  Hooked on a combination of intravenous and topical steroids.



Angela West (instrumental)

We Are So Blessed
The Gaithers

Please do not share this material with Republican gubernatorial candidate Allen West.

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