Friday, August 20, 2021

#635. Dick Trickle

Not sure if I've ever written a parody song about a NASCAR driver.  

Bares a slight resemblance to the Orange Prolapse, eh?

Certainly not one who died by a self-inflicted gun shot wound at the age of 71.  But hey, there's a first time for everything I suppose.


For the love of fucking Allah, Mohamed, Mohammed, Jesus, Thor, Zeus, whoever, whomever... this non-infectious, kosher song has over 2.5 million hits.  What the fuck is that?


Trickle Song

Dick Trickle Dick Dick Dick Trickle Trickle

Pickle Song
Unsure (most likely a techno-cuke enthusiast)

Puh Pickle Puh Puh Puh Pickle Pickle

I've faithfully attended multiple Picklesburghs.   For the past five years or so.  Ever since the inaugural celebration commenced.  Same time frame as when I moved to the Burgh (2015).

The inspiration for this parody was two fold.  Mason asked me to pick up an order of The Brothmonger's Matzah Ball soup from Mayfly Market & Deli (Arch Street on the North Side).  While there, I couldn't help but notice a row of premium jars on the shelf labeled as "Safie" products: pickled string beans & beets.  Now there are several people who often refer to me as "Saffy."  So I kinda had this epiphany.  

Turns out the manufacturer is based out of Northern Detroit, my mother's old stomping grounds.  And I just happened to be en route to "Picklesburgh," which incidentally, has really grown by leaps and bounds.  Way more authentic than it used to be.  Long story short, I ordered a bunch of Safie's pickles for my fantasy football draft next month.  I'm sure my dozen opponents will devour them with unbridled enthusiasm.

Please do not share this material with the Wheeling Feeling fantasy football league, anyone attending the annual Picklesburgh festival, and/or anyone employed by Safie's.

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