Monday, August 23, 2021

#644. Brooks Loves Blood

Trump had one of his big lie rallies in Cullman, Alabama over the weekend.  

Mo Brooks (R-AL) took the opportunity to embrace the Orange Prolapse, raise money, and mingle with the overwhelmingly albino "throng of dongs."

But Mo was unexpectedly greeted with a chorus of boos when he told the crowd... "There are some people who are despondent about the voter fraud and election theft in 2020.  Folks, put that behind you, put that behind you."

"Yes!" Brooks told the suddenly hostile crowd.  "Look forward, look forward, look forward.  Beat them in 2022, beat them in 2024."  The boos continued unabated.

Sensing the crowd was not going to budge, Brooks decided he'd better circle back faster than Jen Psaki. "All right, well, look back at it, but go forward and take advantage of it.  We have got to win in 2022.  We’ve got to win in 2024!"

Look like Mo has come down with a case of "bad messaging."  Brooks is in one helluva pickle (sburgh).  He's unwilling to take any responsibility for his role in the insurrectionBut he still has to embrace the big lie.  The imbecilic notion that Trump won.  Granted, it's a tough one.  Quite the conundrum.

If I was a real journalist in the state of Alabama, I'd ask Brooks if he feels any sense of culpability.  Phrase it like this...  Hey piece of shit assclown, would you be willing to extend an apology to the families of the Capitol Police officers who died, as well as those who were injured, during and after, the attempted coup?

Mark 24:23


Brooks Loves Blood

Voted out I’m an Orange Prolapse queer
A fuckwad and a twat never drank a beer
Consipracy hack and I’m Q-Anon
Flush a turd my dick’s not long
Not long
Play quarterback while my asshole is crumbling
You’ll get biggie sized if you kiss the ring
Neither wise nor kind I will never budge
Flush down my stank ass turds
My turds

Everybody knows Mo Brooks loves blood
Killing Capitol Police is so fucked up
Why the Orange Prolapse rage
If you kiss the ring you will discover
Mar-A-Lago’s his new home
Where he wears a thong

Consipracy hack and I’m Q-Anon
Flush a turd my dick’s not long
Long, not long.

Dead end
No friends
The end


Book Of Blood
Armored Saint

Voted in I'm just the spokesman here
A robot I'm not I feel the same fears
Pressure on my back and I must respond
Say the word and I'll be gone
I'm gone
I say attack while the world is trembling
Then get criticized cause we felt the sting
An indecisive mind cannot be a judge
Stand by your fighting words
Your words

Everybody is a Book of Blood
Subverting society with a magic touch
Well I refuse to engage
Don't condemn the judgement of another
Cause it differs from your own
You may both be wrong

Pressure on my back and I must respond
Say the word and I'll be gone
Gone, I'm gone

No end
No friend
No end
God send

Armored Saint:

10-29-88, Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH

Armored Saint never really got the credit they deserved.  Saw 'em open for King Diamond back in 1988.  Midway through their set, a fight broke out on the outer periphery of the pit.  I watched this one dude karate kick another guy in the chest.  The guy went down like a ton of bricks and later died from cardiac arrest.  The other guy just wandered off and likely exited the club.  To this day, I'm virtually certain the crime was never solved.

Mo Brooks:

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#644.  Brooks Loves Blood (Book Of Blood --- Armored Saint)

Please do not share this material with Mo Brooks (R-AL).

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