Saturday, August 14, 2021

#615. I Tim Scott

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) recently paid a visit to Oracle founder Larry Ellison's sprawling estate in Hawaii.  Hey, it's a little out of the way... but what the hey. 

The former tech-CEO is worth about 117 billion.  Rest assured, Larry did the right thing and cut his Republican homey, his token superstar, his negro nigga... a check for 10 million.  That seems to be the going rate if you're a mega-billionaire.  In this case, Ellison threw him a donation equivalent to less than .0001% of his net worth.  So it cost good 'ol boy Larry essentially nothing.  To get his own personal slave slave in the United States Senate... to do his Senatorial bidding.  Not to shabby, eh?  

NOT!... Scott.


I Tim Scott (instrumental)

I Robot (instrumental)

Alan Parsons Project

Only seen 'em once.  One of my favorite shows of the last decade (2010-2020).  Homegrown Parsley has been to the Burgh only three times.  The other 2 shows were at I.C. Light Amphitheater (Station Square) back in the mid to late 90's.  It's just this "ineffable something" about their unique musical style.  Can't put my finger on it.  But I know it's there.


Alan Parsons Project:

11-13-18, Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead, Munhall, PA

Please do not share this material with mega-billionaire Larry Ellison and/or United States Senator Tim Scott (R-SC).

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