Monday, August 22, 2022

#1411. Let's Get Crudite

Little did I know, that when I recently initiated and launched my "Trump Dump" rebranding campaign, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Oz (R) would be retweeting his expert advice about what constitutes high quality poops... in an effort to raise money.

Seriously, even in the most fucked up political universe... you can't make this shit up.  Therefore, I will honor Oz accordingly with my absolute best "Trump Dump" to date.  The one that started it all.  The one that spearheaded a political revolution.

An unfathomable human mess along the Andy Warhol bridge.

I'm even considering branching out with a "Mehmet Senate" version.  But it would likely depend on 2 variables.

1. First and foremost, the ability to locate a pile of crap on my 5 mile walk through dahntahn.

2.  My knowledge of previous Trump Dumps and that which would accurately reflect a "high quality poop."

Oz deserves nothing but the best.



Let’s Get Crudite

Mini-penis (repeat)

A tequila drinker
Oz was framed no doubt
John Fetterman’s his biggest pain
Up his ass and in and out

Broccoli is hearty
Mehmet took a chance
Aboard the Trump clown car
Orange Prolapse romance

Let’s get crudite

Let’s get crudite
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Let’s get crudite

Mehmet Oz the enemy
Lookin’ pretty weak
Lyin’ Jersey baller
Clown in defeat

Pittsburgh Steelers
Philly is a big city
Wegman’s Redner’s
Wegner’s is all I see

Let’s get crudite
Let’s get crudite
(Ohh ohh ohh)
Not a veggie tray


(Yeah yeah yeah)

Mehmet is a big dork
Lisa his wife’s a whore (wife’s a whore)
Asshole butthole
Dildo’s always wantin’ more

Pennsylvania eaters
Veggin’ out’s the plan (oh man oh man oh man)
Doc Hollywood’s scared of
Abortion on demand

(Wheee ahhhhhh)
Let's get crudite
(Let’s get crudite)
Not a veggie tray
(Not a veggie tray)
(Ahh ahh ahh)
Mehmet Oz is gay

Let’s get crudite

Get crudite
Not a veggie tray

Gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw



Let’s Go All The Way
Sly Fox

Sitting with the thinker
Just trying to work it out
It's a traffic jam of the brain
Makes you want to scream and shout

Presidential party
No one wants to dance
Looking for a new star
To put you in a trance

Let’s go all the way

Let's go all the way
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Let's go all the way

Workin' in a factory
Eight days a week
Tryin' to make dollar
Down what a beat

Cartoon capers
Happen in reality
Rich man poor man
Livin' in fantasy

Let's go all the way
Let's go all the way
(Ohh ohh ohh)
Let's go all the way

(Yeah yeah yeah)

Livin' in New York
Looks like an apple core (apple core)
Asphalt jungle
Got to be a man-of-war

California dreamers
Sinkin' in the sand (the sand the sand)
The Hollywood squares are
Living in Disneyland

(Wheee ahhhhhh)
Let's go all the way
(Let's go all the way)
Let's go all the way
(Let's go all the way)
(Ahh ahh ahh)
Let's go all the way

Let's go all the way

Let's go all the way
Let's go all the way
We need heaven on earth today
(Ahh ahh ahhhh)
We can make a better way

Let's go all the way

Go all the way

Let's go all the way

Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na



This salt and pepper duo of the mid 80's really puts the Milli in Vanilli.  Exceptional dance moves.

According to my records, Sly Fox performed a grand total of 8 live concerts in 1986.  Mostly amusement parks and "pool side" party festivals.  Not exactly a touring powerhouse.  Never had the privilege of going all the way with Sly Fox.

This is actually my second parody of "Let's Go All the Way."  Earlier in the summer I wrote #1292.  "Fuck Abe Hamadeh" (the Orange Prolapse endorsed Republican candidate for Attorney General in Arizona).

The Big Lie 100: (#587)

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#1338.  Face Mullin (Space Truckin' --- Deep Purple)

#1339.  He's Jim Pillen (You Be Illin' --- Run DMC)

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#1351.  Lake's A Fucking Cunt (Take It On The Run --- REO Speedwagon)

#1352.  Jew (You --- Radiohead)

#1353.  Hair Hair (There There --- Radiohead)

#1354.  Trump Is King Critical Race (Everything In Its Right Place --- Radiohead)

#1355.  Russell Fry (High & Dry --- Radiohead)

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#1375.  Crane (Stain --- Nirvana)
#1376.  Eli Crane (My Poor Brain --- Foo Fighters)
#1377.  Big Liar (Live Wire --- Motley Crue)
#1378.  Samuel Graves (Jesus Saves --- Slayer)
#1379.  Joe Kent Displeasure (Hell Bent For Leather --- Judas Priest)

#1380.  Rusty Bowers (April Showers --- King's X)

#1381.  Lake's An Ass (Take It Back --- Pink Floyd)

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#1401.  Troy E. Nehls (Silver Bells --- John Denver)

#1402.  Troy E. Nehls (Jingle Bells -- Frank Sinatra)

#1403.  Nehls (Hell --- Foo Fighters

#1404.  Troy Nehls (Peace Sells --- Megadeth)

#1405.  Levy Lied (Easy Ride --- The Doors)

#1406.  He's A Jew (Sad But True --- Metallica)

#1407.  Crudite Night Is So Delighting (Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting --- Elton John)

#1408.  Crudite (Holiday --- Madonna)

#1409.  Crudite (Holiday --- Scorpions)

#1410.  Crudite (Day By Day --- The Hooters)

#1411.  Let's Get Crudite (Let's Go All The Way --- Sly Fox)

Please do not share this material with Mehmet Oz and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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